Conference Speakers:

Lee McGowan (Queen's University, Belfast):

Americanisation of Cartel Provisions in the UK and EU Regimes? Exploring Criminalisation and Leniency (joint work with Eleanor Morgan) Download abstract

Amelia Fletcher (OFT)

The right mix of sticks and carrots: the OFT's review of its penalties and leniency policies Download abstract

Angela Wigger (Radboud University, The Netherlands):

Neoliberalism Consolidated: The Example of Private Enforcement in EU Competition Regulation Download abstract

Robert Feinberg (American University, USA)

State Antitrust Enforcement in the U.S. and Implications for Business Entry and Relocation Download abstract

Cento Veljanovski (Case Associates):

Deterrence Recidivism and European Cartel Fines Download abstract

David Ulph (University of St Andrews, Scotland)

The Welfare Effects of Legal Uncertainty and its Implications for Enforcement Procedures Download abstract

Christine Parker (Monash University, Australia)

The Futility of Getting Tough on Cartels? Download abstract

Maarten Pieter Schinkel (Amsterdam Business School):

State-aided Price Coordination in Dutch Mortgage Banking

Angus MacCulloch & Bruce Wardhaugh (Lancaster University):

The Baby and the Bathwater: The Relationship between Private Enforcement, Criminal Penalties, and Leniency Policy Download abstract

Parallel Session Speakers:

Kai Huschelrath (ZEW):

The Impact of Cartelization on Pricing Dynamics - Evidence from the German Cement Industry Download abstract

Niamh Dunne (University of Cambridge):

Discounting Fines to Account for Regulation: A Critical Assessment of Commission Practice Download abstract

Bruce Wardhaugh (University of Newcastle):

Cartel Control, Public and Private Sanctions: Lessons Europe Can Learn from the American Experience Download abstract

Peter Ormosi (CCP & Norwich Business School):

Towards the unbiased assessment of law enforcement: deterrence, detection and other niceties Download abstract

Morten Hviid (CCP):

Regulation vs. Self-help: A natural experiment Download abstract

Francisco Marco (Center for European Studies/IE Law School):

Diminishing Enforcement: Negative Effects for Deterrence of Mistaken Settlements and Misguided Competition Promotion and Advocacy Download abstract

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