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CCP Annual Conference 2017

CCP 13th Annual Conference 2017


15-16 June 2017

The Enterprise Centre, University of East Anglia, Norwich

The next CCP Annual Conference will take place on the 15-16 June and this year will look at the distributional effects of competition and economic regulation within markets. Traditionally, the analysis of markets has focused on the total (efficiency) gains available from improving markets, with particular emphasis on making markets work well for consumers. This has brought with it a variety of complex and highly contested questions, such as: 

  • Should the focus be on average consumers or should consumers who may be vulnerable be given special consideration?
  • If the playing field is to be leveled, should this be in terms of access to markets or their outcomes?
  • How should distributional considerations influence the design of remedies?
  • How far does the design of institutions to improve the functioning of markets affect the distribution of benefits?
  • What empirical evidence is there of how opening new markets and particular interventions have benefited different groups?
  • How have disruptive technologies changed, and how may they change, the distribution of benefits, and what interventions are appropriate?

To help delve deeper into these issues, this conference will explore and debate these topics and will bring together insights from legal, political science and economic perspectives on how these principles and evidence should inform competition and regulatory policy.  

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