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Centre Alumni

Faculty Alumni

Dr Pinar Akman (2007-2013)

Dr John Ashton (2004-2010)

Dr Pat Barrow (2004-2006)

Dr Yoonhee Tina Chang (2004-2006)

Dr Vinh Chau  (2007-2009)

Professor Tim Dant  (2007-2008)

Alexia Gaudeul (2004-2009)

Dr Stephen Greasley  (2009-2012)

Dr Georg von Graevenitz (2012 - 2014)

Dr Pinar Guven Uslu  (2004-2009)

Professor Shaun Hargreaves-Heap (2009-2013)

Dr Sang-Hyun Kim (2013 - 2016)

Dr Graham Loomes (2007 - 2014)

Dr Daithi Mac Sithigh    

Dr Andrea Patacconi     

Dr Nieves Perez- Solorzano (2004-2006)

Dr Andrew Pressey (2007-2008)

Dr Heather Savigny (2009-2012)

Dr Andrew Scott (2004-2006)

Dr Greg Shaffer (2007 - 2016)

Dr Lindsay Stirton (2004-2007)

Professor Chris Wadlow (2009-2014)

Peter Whelan (2010-2013)

Professor Daniel Zizzo (2007-2014)

Research Alumni


Dr Oles Andriychuk  

CCP Post Doctoral Research Fellow


Professor Necmiddin Bagdadioglu           

CCP Visiting Researcher  (2005-2006)


Dr Anna Rita Bennato    

CCP Post Doctoral Research Fellow  (2011-2014)


Dr Andrew Bugg              

CCP Research Associate  (2006-2007)


Dr Zhijun Chen 

CCP Post Doctoral Research Fellow  (2007-2010)


Dr Assem Dandashly      

CCP Research Associate


Oindrila De         

CCP Research Associate  (2009-2010)


Dr Miguel Flores              

CCP Research Associate (2012-2013)

CCP Post Doctoral Research Fellow  (2013-2014)


Dr Luke Garrod

CCP Post Doctoral Research Fellow  (2007-2011)


Martin Graffenberger   

CCP Research Associate (2013-2014)


Sofia Izquierdo Sanchez

CCP Senior Research Associate (2014 - 2016)


Antony Karatzas              

CCP Research Associate (2012-2014)


Dr Liza Lovdahl Gormsen             

CCP Post Doctoral Research Fellow  (2007-2008)


Despoina Mantzari         

CCP Post Doctoral Research Fellow (2013-2014)


Laurence Mathieu          

CCP Research Associate (2004-2007)


Dr Andrei Medvedev    

CCP Post Doctoral Research Fellow (2005-2008)


Dr Judith Mehta              

CCP Research Associate Coordinator (2007-2014)


Felix Mezzanotte            

CCP Research Associate (2005-2006)


Ana Moniche    

CCP Research Associate (2012-2013)


Dr Matthew Olzak          

CCP Research Associate (2007-2009)


Sebastian Peyer              

CCP Post Doctoral Research Fellow (2010-2013)


Khac Pham           

CCP Research Associate (2006-2007)


Hieu Tran            

CCP Research Associate (2007-2008)


Catherine Webster (nee Ball)    

CCP Research Associate


Christopher Wilson        

CCP Research Associate (2005-2012)


Kathryn Wright

CCP Research Associate (2005-2010)


Dr Minyan Zhu 

CCP Research Associate (2010-2013)

CCP Post Doctoral Research Fellow (2013-2014)


PhD Alumni

Dr Panayiotis Agisilaou - Optimal design of leniency programmes

Dr Pinar AkmanA tale of three cities: Fairness, welfare and exploitative abuse under article 82EC

Dr Henry AllenUnderstanding the role of consumer organisations in contemporary politics: a comparative investigation of the UK and Norway

Dr Khemla (Prishnee) Armoogum - Assessing the comparative performance of competition authorities

Dr Andy BuggThe Economics of Agro-Food Production (Local and Regional Foods)

Dr Tim BurnettExclusivity, Bundling and Switching in Telecommunications Markets

Dr Richard CadmanRemedies for Non-Discrimination: Their Application in Broadland and their Effect on Market Structure

Dr Firat CengizA Comparative Assessment of the Relations between the Laws and Institutions of Different Layers in the EC and the USA

Dr Kerry ClaytonResidential Water Demand and Behavioural Economics

Dr Vinh ChauRegulatory policy initiatives: the strategic control implications for management in UK regulated monopoly network utilities

Dr Oindrila DeThe internal structures and organisation of EC prosecuted cartels and the impact on their performance

Dr Ivan Diaz-RaineyEnergy policy and the take-up of 'green' energy innovations: three empirical studies on induced diffusion

Dr Ana FitzsimonsStaying the Hand of Fortune: A Pluralist Approach to the Regulatory Strategies of Luck Egalitarian Distributive Justice

Dr Sven GallaschThe anticompetitive misuse of intellectual property rights in the European Pharmaceutical Sector

Dr Luke GarrodEssays that reassess common simplifying assumptions of microeconomic behaviour

Dr Mary Guy - Competition Policy in Bismarck and Beveridge healthcare systems: Competition law, merger control and the relationship between competition authority and sectoral regulator in Dutch and English healthcare

Dr Michael Hantke Domas - Economic Regulation and Property Rights: An Assessment from Law and Economics

Dr Elizabeth HooperCompetition and Innovation in the Newly Liberalized European Power Industry

Dr Joo Young Jeon Essays on Social Preference

Dr Yan LiRegulatory reform in mobile telecommunications

Dr Liang Lu - Essays on Strategic Firms, Vertical Contracts and Horizontal Agreements

Dr Adrian Majumdar - Models of Buyer Power, Fidelity Rebates and Exclusion in Intermediate Markets with a Focus on Implications for Competition Policy

Dr Ali MassadehEmpirical Assessment of the Public Enforcement of Competition Law: Criteria and Three Case Studies (EU, UK and France)

Dr Alfonso Mendieta-PachecoAlternative effects of antidumping policy: A case study of Mexico

Dr Felix MezzanotteLegal Challenges in Tackling Tacit Collusion using Article 82EC

Dr George MusgraveThe Birth Of Cultural Entrepreneurs: The Economics Of Culture and Re-negotiation of Capital Acquisition

Dr Matt OlczakFirm Numbers, Asymmetries and Competition

Dr Peter OrmosiAn empirical analysis of merging parties' litigation strategy in European Community merger cases

Dr Sebastian PeyerPrivate Antitrust Enforcement in Europe: Empirics, Policy and Remedies

Dr Khac PhamDeregulation and Productivity of Vietnamese Insurance Industry

Dr Chris Pike - Pharmaceuticals Industry: Pricing and R & D

Dr Gyozo Pinter - Identifying the Boundaries between Competition Law and Market Regulations Identifying the Boundaries between Competition Law and Market Regulations  

Dr David ReaderRevisiting the Role of the Public Interest in Merger Control

Prof Andreas StephanEnhancing deterrence in European cartel policy

Dr Sujitha Subramanian - Promoting Innovation through Competition Policy

Dr Scott SummersEU cartel enforcement and its compliance with procedural rights: How can its effectiveness be enhanced?

Dr Ivan ValdesPrice Quality of retailer-owned brands

Dr Frederick WandschneiderFour Essays on Optimal Antitrust Enforcement

Dr Catherine Ball (née Webster)Local Markets: Competition and Market Structure

Dr Chris Wilson Consumer Search, Consumer Protection and Market Power

Dr Kathryn WrightThe Judicial Function, Courts, and the European Commission in EU Competition Law Enforcement

Dr Burcak Tatlin (née Yalcin)The Liberalisation of European Energy Markets: The Usage of Competition Law as a Regulatory Tool within Energy Markets

Dr Yasmeen YasimEffective Cartel Enforcement: Getting Malaysia ready for what lies ahead

Dr Jiwei Zheng - Experiments on consumer preferences and decision making

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