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CCP Faculty

Dr Wynne Lam

Lecturer in Industrial Organisation and Competition Policy, Norwich Business School

Phone: +44 (0)1603 59 7762 Location:


I am Lecturer in industrial organisation and competition policy at the Norwich Business School and a faculty member of the Centre for Competition Policy at the University of East Anglia. Born in Hong Kong, I began my studies in Economics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, obtaining my bachelor degree there. Following this, I moved to France and Italy and received a Ph.D. degree from Toulouse School of Economics and the University of Bologna in September 2014. From October 2014 to August 2017, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Liege and a guest lecturer at the Universite catholique de Louvain in Belgium. My main research interests lie in the economics of the Internet and industrial organisation.

All Publications

Lam, W. M. W.


Switching Costs in Two-Sided Markets,

in Journal of Industrial Economics



pp. 136–182

Full Text UEA Repository



Lam, W. M. W.


Attack-prevention and damage-control investments in cybersecurity,

in Information Economics and Policy


pp. 42-51

Full Text UEA Repository



Lam, W. M. W.


Policy Brief 2015/2: "Competition in the Market for Flexible Resources: an Application to Cloud Computing",

Liege Competition and Innovation Institute

(Commissioned report)


Dubois, P., Lam, W. M. W., de Mouzon, O., Scott-Morton, F., Seabright, P.


Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry and market size,

Centre for Economic Policy Research

(Commissioned report)


Key Research Interests

  • Industrial Organisation
  • Competition Policy
  • Economics of the Internet
  • Microeconomics

Professional Activities

  • Member of the scientific committee of the LCII & CORE Workshop in Industrial Organisation in the Digital Economy in Liege, Belgium, March 2-3, 2018.
  • Served as a referee for the following journals: Information Economics and Policy, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, Manchester School, Review of Network Economics.



2017: Dept Seminar (U Würzburg), Dept Seminar (LAAS Toulouse), Digital Economy Workshop (Liege), Dept Seminar (CUNEF Madrid), RES PhD Meetings (London). 2016: HKEA (Hong Kong), Dept Seminar (KU Leuven), Workshop on Legal and Policy Dimensions of Cybersecurity (Washington DC), Dept Seminar (Telecom ParisTech), Digital Economy Workshop (Louvain-la-neuve), Dept Seminar (U catholique de Louvain), Conference on Intellectual Property, Software and Internet (Toulouse). 2015: EALE (Vienna), EARIE (Munich), Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (Delft), Digital Economy Workshop (Liege), Dept Seminar (U catholique de Louvain). 2014: Dept Seminar (U Liege), Dept Seminar (U Saint-Louis Brussels), Dept Seminar (KU Leuven), RES PhD Meetings (London). 2013: ICT Conference (Munich), EARIE (Evora), CRESSE (Corfu), Conference on Product Differentiation and Innovation (Grenoble), Conference on Intellectual Property, Software and Internet (Toulouse), ECORE Summer School on Governance and Economic Behavior (Leuven), CEPR/JIE School on Applied Industrial Organization (Bologna), Seminar on Communications and Media Markets (Florence).

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