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Natalya Mosunova, PhD Student

Natalya is an SSF funded research student who joined the Centre in 2013

Following several years working as a Head of Legal Department at multinational companies in Russia, Natalya completed LLM in International Competition Law and Policy from UEA (awarded with Distinction) at the UEA in 2014. She also obtained an MA in Private Law obtained in 2007 from the Research Centre under President of Russian Federation, a diploma in economics at Plehanov Russian University of Economics (2002) and a diploma in law at the Ural State Law University (1997).

Her research interests concern cartel enforcement, the main area of her research is problems of cartel criminalisation.

Provisional PhD title ‘Assessment of Cartel Criminalisation In Russia’

Supervisors: Professor Andreas Stephan and Professor Morten Hviid.

Languages: Russian, English.


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