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Scott Summers, PhD Student 

Scott is an SSF funded research student who joined the Centre in 2011.

His areas of interest cover a wide range of Competition Law issues, yet, the main focus of his research is in the area of cartels. Scott's research considers the extent to which EU cartel enforcement complies with the rights enshrined within the European Convention on Human Rights and the principle of equal treatment. Scott also has interests in the UK criminal cartel offence and has published on the removal of the dishonesty element.
Whilst undertaking his PhD, Scott also works as an Associate Tutor at the UEA Law School, where he has lectured and taught seminars on the undergraduate ‘Competition Law' module.
Scott acquired both of his undergraduate qualifications, as well as a postgraduate degree here at the UEA, obtaining a BSc (Hons) in Business Management in 2007, an LLB (Hons) in Law in 2010 and an LLM in ‘International Competition Law and Policy with Research Methods Training' in 2011.
The provisional title of Scott's PhD is ‘Human Rights and their Interplay with Cartel Enforcement in the EU'.
You can follow Scott on Twitter at @ScottSummers_86
Supervisors: Prof Andreas Stephan and Prof David Mead.



Summers, Scott (2012), 'What should the dishonesty element of the UK cartel offence be replaced with?', Journal of Competition Law, pp. 53-61.

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