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CCP Research Bulletin

Winter 2020

In Issue 40:

CCP Research Bulletin Issue 40

Reform of the UK Institutions Enforcing Competition Policy: Unfinished and Inevitable - Bruce Lyons

The Challenge of Engaging the Disengaged  - Amelia Fletcher

Algorithms, Personalised Pricing and the Ultimatum Game  - Morten Hviid

The Importance of Advancing the Debate on Competition in Education Systems - Israel Gottschalk

Competition and the Environment: Bidding Processes Awarding State Aid for Renewable Electricity - David Deller, Bryn Enstone & Sean Ennis

Discussing the impact of Scotland’s ban on multi-buy promotions for alcohol  - Farasat Bokhari & David Deller

Standards for economic evidence in horizontal merger cases after Hutchinson/O2?  - Amelia Fletcher, Elias Deutscher, Kai-Uwe Kühn


Summer 2020

In Issue 39:

CCP Research Bulletin Issue 39

Fines and Reputational Sanctions: The Case of Cartels - Franco Mariuzzo & Peter Ormosi

Regulating Data Privacy and Cybersecurity : Two sides of the same coin? - Wynne Lam

Are cases too good to litigate? Cost and fee recovery in antitrust collective actions in the UK - Sebastian Peyer

The Pizza Night game: Conflict of interest and payoff inequality in tacit bargaining games with focal points - Bob Suden & Jiwei Zheng

Energy brokers: A help or a nuisance for small businesses navigating the energy market? - Amelia Fletcher & David Deller

The impact of the 2008 crisis on UK prices: What can we learn from Consumer Price Index microdata? - Kun Tian

Price regulation: An alternative to competition law enforcement in the time of COVID-19? - Penelope Giosa

Should competition law be suspended to help deal with the COVID-19 crisis? - Peter Ormosi & Andreas Stephan

Winter 2019

In Issue 38:

CCP Research Bulletin Issue 37

Statutory duties and energy regulation: a case study on Ofgem Michael Hawker

It’s not Fair! A personal view of more than fifty years of Public and Policy attitudes to energy price structures Catherine Waddams

Life before Economic Regulation Stephen Littlechild

Political Control of State-Owned Utilities in the UK Tim Tutton

Is Furman right to propose ex ante platform regulation as the best way to address competition concerns in the digital economy? Elias Deutscher

Spring 2019

In Issue 37:

CCP Research Bulletin Issue 37

The Can Challenge: Exploring the conditions for creating a viable market in deposit Mike Brock, Stefania Sitzia & Jiwei Zheng

Damages Claims for Bid Rigging: How to make them more popular in the EU Penelope Alexia Giosa

Regulators Beware! Lessons to be learned from deploying landlords to enforce the 'right to rent' Tola Amodu

Indirect Network Externalities in the Tablet PC Market: The role of application quality Thanh Doan

The Roots of the Uneven Playing Field in Audiovisual Advertising Sally Broughton Micova

BEST OF THE BLOG: Why the CMA is wrong in its proposals for reform and what should be done instead Bruce Lyons

Autumn 2018

In Issue 36:

CCP Research Bulletin Issue 32

Inequality: A Hidden Cost of Market Power  Sean Ennis, Pedro Gonzaga & Chris Pike

How to Measure Privacy-Related Consumer Harm in Merger Analysis? A Critical Reassessment of the EU Commission's Merger Control in Data-Driven Markets Elias Deutscher

Public Versus Private (market-based) Sanctions Franco Mariuzzo & Peter Ormosi

UKERC Research Programme: Fairness in Retail Energy Markets? Evidence from the UK  David Deller & Catherine Waddams Price

BEST OF THE BLOG: Are Slot Remedies Sufficient in Airline Mergers? The Currently Hypothetical Case of IAG/Norwegian Tom Carr

Spring 2018

In Issue 35:

CCP Research Bulletin Issue 32

Price and Behavioural Signals to Encourage Household Water Conservation  Liang Lu, David Deller & Morten Hviid

Do e-auctions Increase the Risk of Bid Rigging? Penelope Alexia Giosa

Data as an Entry Barrier: Does Data Portability Foster Competition in Internet Markets?  Wynne Lam

The EU Damages Directive and Stakeholders' Involvement Sebastian Peyer

UKERC-funded Project: Energy Affordability and Old Age: Expenditure versus self-reported perceptions  David Deller & Catherine Waddams Price

Does the Prime Minister's Unexpected Discussion of Competition Policy Signal a Softening of Brexit? [Competition Policy Blog Post]  Andreas Stephan

Autumn 2017

In Issue 34:

CCP Research Bulletin Issue 32

Do People Really Want to be Nudged  Robert Sugden

At a Crossroads in EU Merger Control  David Reader

Market Power and the Laffer Curve  Eugenio Miravete, Katja Seim & Jeff Thurk

Regulators after the 'Great Repeal' Act Tola Amodu

UKERC-funded Project: Energy Regulation and Fuel Poverty under the Energy Justice Lens  Elizabeth Errington

The Deterrence Value of Competition Policy Can and Should be Measured [Competition Policy Blog Post]  Stephen Davies

Spring 2017

In Issue 33:

CCP Research Bulletin Issue 32

Post-Brexit Industrial Strategy: Will Sector Deals Undermine Competition Policy  Bruce Lyons & Ioannis Pappous

From Principles-based Regulation to 'Principled' Regulation  Tola Amodu

Healthy Competition to Support Healthy Eating: An Investigation of Fruit and Vegetable Pricing in the UK   Hao Lan & Paul Dobson

UKERC Funded Project: Emerging Themes  Catherine Waddams

The Many Rewards of Visiting CCP  Andrew Gavil

Pfizer and Flynn: How are 'Excessive' Prices for Generic Drugs Possible and Should Competition Authorities Do More About Exploitative Pricing? [Competition Policy Blog Post]  Farasat Bokhari & Bruce Lyons

Autumn 2016

In Issue 32:

CCP Research Bulletin Issue 32

The Green Green-Eyed Monster? Assessing the Impact of Group Cohesion and Environmental Attitudes on Energy Conservation Habits Mike Brock

The Impact of Budget Allocation on the Performance of Competition Authorities  Prishnee Armoogum

The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union: An opening up of Article 101 TFEU?   Shaun Bradshaw

A UKERC Funded Project: Equity and Justice in Energy Markets  

An Unintended Consequence of Regulatory Disclosure: A Case Based on Unsolicited Ratings Patrycja Klusak

Will Much Change in Antitrust post Brexit? [Competition Policy Blog Post]  Andreas Stephan

Spring 2016

In Issue 31:

CCP Research Bulletin Issue 31

Has globalisation left the European Commission behind? Geographical market definition for merger appraisal Amelia Fletcher & Bruce Lyons

Do cartels convicted by a competition authority display an age profile? Detection v Deterrence Prishnee Armoogum

The regulation of false advertising Andrew Rhodes & Chris Wilson

Accommodating 'public interest' considerations in merger control David Reader

Slowing down fast traders Alasdair Brown & Fuyu Yang

Digital platforms: has the time come for competition regulation? Danilo Montesi, Flavio Bertini, Rajesh Sharma, Stefano Giovanni Rizzo & Tommaso Ognibene. 

What happens to our Economics PhDs in CCP? Steve Davies

BT/EE Merger: the importance of market definition [Competition Policy Blog Post]  Richard Cadman

Autumn 2015

In Issue 30:

CCP Research Bulletin Issue 30

Are time-limited offers squeezing money out of consumers? Mengjie Wang

The strategic role of  app updates Franco Mariuzzo

The affordability of utilities in Europe David Deller & Catherine Waddams

Does greater cartel enforcement raise public competition awareness? Andreas Stephan

Contesting an energy market investigation Elizabeth Errington, Richard Cadman & Catherine Waddams

Compensation and the Damages Directive Sebastian Peyer

The Economics of a $750 pill [Competition Policy Blog Post]  Farasat Bokhari

Summer 2015

In Issue 29:

Can a sequence of insignificant lessenings in competition ever become significant? The case of mergers after cartels

Steve Davies

The sharing economy: A theme for regulation in the digital age
Nikolaos Korfiatis

Which form of vertical relations make you better off - Wholesale or Agency
Liang Lu

Regulatory powers: why bother? 
Francesca Pia Vantaggiato

Cartel busted! End of the story
Subhasish M. Chowdhury and Carsten Crede

Winter 2014

In Issue 28: 

We made these agencies independent - and didn't they do well?

Chris Hanretty and Christel Koop

Competition in the UK postal sector: Universal service on the rocks?
Antje Kreutzmann-Gallasch

Is there of has there ever been a 40% market share threshold for merger control in Brussels?
Bruce Lyons

Keep it simple, stupid? Tariffs in regulated industries
Catherine Waddams

The hidden perils of levelling the playing field in a competition
Subhasish M. Chowdhury and Alasdair Brown

Summer 2014

In Issue 27

At last, a competition inquiry for energy – will it bring relief or disappointment?
Catherine Waddams

Differentiated tax on differentiated products markets
Anna Rita Bennato and Franco Mariuzzo

The processes for regulatory appeals: One size does not fit all
Despoina Mantzari

Do small business customers need more buyer protection?
Amelia Fletcher, Antonio Karatzas and Antje Kreutzmann-Gallasch

What happens when collusive firms try to avoid antitrust punishment?
Subhasish M. Chowdhury and Frederick Wandschneider

The use of general merger control in English healthcare
Mary Guy

Behavioural Economics in Competition and Consumer Policy - book review
Judith Mehta    

Autumn 2013

In Issue 26:

Do competition watchdogs need clearer vision or sharper teeth, when combating cartels? Subhasish Modak Chowdhury and Frederick Wandschneider

What is the price of pay-to-delay deals? Farasat Bokhari

What's so wrong with Retail Price MFNs? Amelia Fletcher and Morten Hviid

Gains drive consumer switching Miguel Flores, Catherine Waddams, Minyan Zhu

How a European Commission press release has potentially caused significant changes to the use of injunctions in the context of standard-essential patents Sven Gallasch

Centre for Competition Policy Annual Conference focuses on institutions Sven Gallasch and Mary Guy

Behavioural Economics in Competition and Consumer Policy - CCP book Judith Mehta

UK Public Interest Mergers: Uncertain Times Ahead David Reader

Spring 2013

In Issue 25:

How many mobile network providers do we need? Bruce Lyons

Innovative but influential: The OFT's economic research programme Amelia Fletcher

Announcing a forthcoming book by CCP researchers: Behavioural economics in Competition Policy Judith Mehta

The role of intent in the case-law on abuse of dominance Pinar Akman

Do patent thickets have real effects? Georg von Graevenitz, Christian Helmers, Bronwyn H Hall

Network of industrial economists winter conference: Competition issues in the health and pharmaceutical sectors Franco Mariuzzo

Autumn 2012

In Issue 24:

Retail Energy Markets: Does competition offer enough protection? Catherine Waddams

Evaluation of Policy: the task of quantifying the unknowns: deterrence and non-detection Stephen Davies & Peter Ormosi

How to Build Independent Regulators (and keep them that way) Chris Hanretty

Review of Summer Conference Andreas Stephan & Sebastian Peyer

Private Enforcement of Predation Cases Morten Hviid

Parallel Trade in Pharmaceuticals: Are R&D investments affected? Anna Rita Bennato

Summer 2012

In Issue 23:

Article 7 ECHR and the UK Cartel Offence Peter Whelan

Choice in Private Healthcare Morten Hviid

Grand Designs Stephen Greasley

Application of Article 101(3): Addressing the grey area

November 2011

In Issue 22:

  • How big is a tip of the iceberg? The probability of catching cartels (Peter Ormosi)
  • Injunctions - Mixing antitrust with contract disputes (Sebastian Peyer)
  • Putting a value on playing popular music (John Street)
  • Consumers in Competition Policy - A review of CCP's 7th annual conference (Catherine Waddams)

May 2011

In Issue 21:

  • News Corporation and Sky: is this a Berlusconi moment? (Shaun Hargreaves Heap)
  • Procurement by dominant buyers (Morten Hviid)
  • The Troubled Media Coverage of Cartel Enforcement (Andreas Stephan)
  • The Proposed Merger of the OFT and the Competition Commission (Stephen Davies and Bruce Lyons)

November 2010

In Issue 20:

  • 'Liberating the NHS': Some Pitfalls in Introducing Healthcare Competition - Bruce Lyons
  • Reform of the energy regulator: an agenda for change - Michael Harker and Catherine Waddams
  • Why consumer sovereignty matters - even if we don't have coherent preferences - Robert Sugden
  • When Are Excessive Prices Unfair? - Pinar Akman and Luke Garrod
  • Director's Letter: News from CCP - Catherine Waddams

May 2010

In Issue 19:

  • Evaluating Competition Policies: State of Play and Directions for Future Research - Stephen Davies and Peter Ormosi
  • Competition and Fairness: Non-discrimination clauses in the retail energy sector - Morten Hviid and Catherine Waddams
  • Unilateral versus coordinated effects - Matthew Olczak
  • The European Competition Network: A Network with a Difference - Hussein Kassim and Kathryn Wright
  • CCP hosts joint London Conference - Leanne Denmark

November 2009

In Issue 18:

  • CCP celebrates fifth anniversary and renewed ESRC funding - Leanne Denmark
  • Scandal: Cartels, Crime and the politics of getting away with it in the media - Heather Savigny
  • Catch me if you can:why compliance programmes are unlikely to protect firms from hefty cartel fines - Andreas Stephan
  • Promises, Promises - Morten Hviid
  • New research casts light on Payment Protection Insurance - John Ashton
  • Private enforcement does exist - new empirical evidence from Germany - Sebastian Peyer

May 2009

In Issue 17: 

  • 'It's Not Fair' - Competition in Energy - Catherine Waddams
  • Mergers and Balancing the books in NHS Trusts - Pinar Guven-Uslu
  • Merger Remedies versus Efficiency Defence: Does the Current Merger Remedy Practice Create a Disincentive to Reveal Efficiencies? - Peter Ormosi
  • Does the Punishment fit the Crime? - Oindrila De
  • Regulatory Reforms in Telecoms: The Role of an Independent Industry Regulator - Yan Li
  • Baby, Phone Home! Children and the Market for Mobile Phones - Judith Mehta

February 2009

In Issue 16: 

  • Competition Night? - Peter Freeman
  • Origins of the Financial Crisis - Shaun Hargreaves Heap
  • 'Too Good to Be True' - Morten Hviid
  • Will the Recession Make Cartels More Likely and Cartel Enforcement More Difficult? - Andreas Stephan
  • The Effectiveness of Base Rate Changes -  John Ashton
  • Competition Policy and the Economic Crisis - Bruce Lyons

Issue 15 (November 2008)

In Issue 15:

  • Choosing the Best Energy Deal for You: CCP and the Public -Hieu Tran and Cheryl Whittaker
  • The Benefits of Active Consumers - Luke Garrod and Morten Hviid
  • 'Consumer Welfare' and Article 82EC: Practice and Rhetoric - Pinar Akman
  • Why Don't Consumers Switch Supplier? - Catherine WaddamsIdentifying and Evaluating the Level of Consumer Empowerment -  Michael Harker and Judith Mehta
  • Do We Need to be Nudged? - Robert Sugden

May 2008

In Issue 14: 

  • Changes in Productivity from Ending Resale Price Maintenance on Books -Matt Olczak
  • The Paradox of Estate Agents' Prices - Catherine Ball
  • That Unsettling Feeling: Secret Price-Fixing is not in itself Dishonest? Norris vs USA  - Andreas Stephan
  • The European Court of First Instance confirms in Microsoft that it is not ready to embrace a more economics-based approach to Article 82 EC - Liza Lovdahl Gormsen

November 2007

In Issue 13:

  • News from the US: Report of th Antitrust Modernization Commission - Firat Cengiz
  • Judicial Scrutiny of Merger Decision, Damages and the Schneider Electric Case - Kathryn Wright
  • The Best Things in Life are Free - but the Free Things in Life aren't always the Best  - Luke Garrod
  • Efficiency Pass-Through and Horizaontal Mergers - John Ashton and Khac Pham

May 2007

In Issue 12:

  • Supermarket Sourcing from your neck of the woods - Andrew Bugg
  • Mixed Results from Reforming Vietnam's Insurance Industry - Khac Pham
  • Electrifying Integration - Liz Hooper and Andrei Medvedev
  • The Role of Marketing Practice in the Anticompetitive Act: Evidence from the UK - John Ashton and Andrew Pressey
  • The Paradox of the Exclusion of Exploitative Abuse - Bruce Lyons

November 2006

In Issue 11:

  • The 'Endesa File': National Champions and the Resurfacing of Tension in European Merger Control - Andrew Scott
  • Fuel for Thought: Surcharges that Facilitate Higher Prices - Luke Garrod
  • The Aims of Private Enforcement of Competition Law - Morten Hviid
  • Behavioural Revolution: Workshop on Consumer Behaviour and Bounded Rationality - Tina Chang and Chris Wilson
  • "No Worse than Shoplifting": Public Perceptions of Collusion at the 2006 BA Festival of Science - Andreas Stephan

May 2006

In Issue 10: 

  • Partnership Restriction in Legal Services: Let the Market Decide - Stephen Davies
  • Private Enforcement: Fix it First or Wait and See? - Michael Harker
  • Two Cheers for the EC Discussion Paper on Article 82 - Pinar Akman
  • Making Firms an Offer They Can't Refuse?...Are You Sure? - Andreas Stephan

November 2005

In Issue 9: 

  • Money Off for Bad Behaviour? - Morten Hviid and Andreas Stephan
  • Whither Dominance? - Adrian Majumdar
  • Public Interest Intervention in Media Mergers: Worth the Effort? - Andrew Scott
  • One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: The Mehter March of Turkish Electicity Reform - Necmiddin Bagdadioglu

May 2005

In Issue 8:

  • How Simple Simulations Would Improve EC Merger and Remedy Appraisal - Steve Davies and Bruce Lyons Competition in Bulk Water Supply: Regulation Still Holds the Fort? - Michael Harker
  • Defining Markets Sequentially: A Fishy Business? - Peter Møllgaard
  • Regulation, Competition Policy and Political Science - Hussein Kassim

November 2004

In Issue 7: 

  • The Benefits From Competition: Some Illustrative UK Cases - Steve Davies and Matt Olczak
  • Do Comparative Energy Markets Make Rising Energy Prices Worse for Poor Consumers? - Catherine Waddams
  • Regulation by Directors General and Independent Commissions: The Political Dimension - Lindsay Stirton
  • Information Systems, Stakeholder Participation and the Deregulated Markets - Pat Barrow

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Issue 5 (November 2003): Unmuddling Merger Markets

Issue 4 (May 2003): CCR Awarded 10 Year Centre by ESRC

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