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CCR Working Papers

CCR Working Papers - 2004

CCR Working Paper 04-3

Mazzarotto, N. (2004) 'Retail Mergers and Buyer Power' CCR Working Paper 04-3


CCR Working Paper 04-2

Waddams Price, C. (2004) 'Reforming Household Energy Markets: Some Welfare Effects in the United Kingdom'CCR Working Paper 04-2


CCR Working Paper 04-1

Waddams Price, C. (2004) 'Spoilt for Choice? The Costs and Benefits of Opening UK Residential Energy Markets' CCR Working Paper 04-1.  

Also published as University of California Energy Institute Working Paper: CSEM WP-123

CCR Working Papers - 2003

CCR Working Paper 03-6

Salies, E. & Waddams Price,C. (2003) 'Charges, Costs and Market Power in the Deregulated UK Electricity Retail Market'  CCR Working Paper 03-6


CCR Working Paper 03-5

Lyons, B. (2003) 'Reform of European Merger Policy', CCR Working Paper 03-5


CCR Working Paper 03-4

Ashton, J. (2003) 'The Geographic Extent of UK Retail Banking Markets', CCR Working Paper 03-4


CCR Working Paper 03-3

Coles, H. (2003) 'The Competitive Effects of Mergers across Hub-and-Spoke Networks', CCR Working Paper 03-3


CCR Working Paper 03-2

Arbatskaya, M., Hviid, M. & Shaffer, G. (2003) 'On the Use of Low-Price Guarantees to Discourage Price-Cutting: A Test for Pairwise-Facilitation', CCR Working Paper 03-2

CCR Working Papers - 2002

CCR Working Paper 02-6

Scott, A. (2002) 'An Immovable Feast?: Tacit Collusion and Collective Dominance in Merger Control after Airtours', CCR Working Paper 02-6


CCR Working Paper 02-5

Garcia-Mariñoso, B., Hviid, M. & Waddams Price, C. (2002) 'The Quality and Quantity of Regulatory Information', CCR Working Paper 02-5


CCR Working Paper 02-4

Waddams Price, C.,  Brigham, B. & Fitzgerald, L. (2002) 'Service Quality in Regulated Monopolies', CCR Working Paper 02-4


CCR Working Paper 02-3

Sum Chau, V. (2002) 'Report on Customer Service Performance Measures in UK Network Industries: Squeezing Hard to Improve Quality'CCR Working Paper 02-3


CCR Working Paper 02-2

Lyons, B. (2002) 'What do we Conclude from the Success and Failure of Mergers? Comment on Tichy', CCR Working Paper 02-2


CCR Working Paper 02-1

Lyons, B. (2002) 'Could Politicians be More Right than Economists? A Theory of Merger Standards'CCR Working Paper 02-1

CCR Working Papers - 2001

CCR Working Paper 01-4

Mazzarotto, N. (2001) 'Competition Policy towards Retailers: Size, Seller Market Power and Buyer Power'CCR Working Paper 01-4


CCR Working Paper 01-3

Conrad, L. (2001) 'A Structuration Analysis of Accounting Systems and Systems of Accountability in the Privatised Gas Industries', CCR Working Paper 01-3


CCR Working Paper 01-2

Hviid, M. & Møllgaard, P. (2001) 'Countervailing Power and Price Transparency', CCR Working Paper 01-2


CCR Working Paper 01-1

Lyons, B. (2001) 'Incomplete Contract Theory and Contracts between Firms: A preliminary empirical study' CCR Working Paper 01-1

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