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Chapters and Books

Equity and Justice in Energy Markets


Edited by David Deller and Catherine Waddams Price with: 

Elizabeth Errington, Amelia Fletcher, Tom Hargreaves, Michael Harker, Noel Longhurst, David Reader and Glen Turner


Concern about fairness in the retail energy market is clear from media headlines and the passing of legislation to impose a ‘wide’ price cap in the retail energy market in 2018. ‘Fairness in Retail Energy Markets? Evidence from the UK’ provides extensive evidence from a range of disciplines to inform this important debate. This report does not  attempt to define what constitutes fair or unfair, since this ultimately rests in the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless, its message is clear: development of the retail energy market in the UK can only be understood by  recognising the political economy around questions of distribution and fairness.


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Behavioural Economics in Competition and Consumer Policy

Edited by Judith Mehta with:

Enrique Fatas, Amelia Fletcher, Shaun Hargreaves Heap, Michael Harker, Chris Hanretty, Morten Hviid, Bruce Lyons, Robert Sugden, Catherine Waddams and Minyan Zhu


The implications of behavioural economics for competition and consumer policy have received keen interest from academics and policy-makers in recent years. CCP researchers have approached this topic from the perspectives of economics, law, politics and business management in writing Behavioural Economics in Competition and Consumer Policy, which reflects the Centre's interest, expertise and multidisciplinary approach to policy-making.


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