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Behavioural Economics in Competition and Consumer Policy


"This book summarises the most significant developments in thinking in this area: for some it will be an accessible introduction, for others a reminder and a reference point to the more detailed analytical studies that are available." - Sarah Chambers 

Download the presentation slides from the launch of the book, which took place at the Competition Commission on the 27th November 2013.

The implications of behavioural economics for competition and consumer policy have received keen interest from academics and policy-makers in recent years. CCP researchers have approached this topic from the perspectives of economics, law, politics and business management in writing Behavioural Economics in Competition and Consumer Policy, which reflects the Centre's interest, expertise and multidisciplinary approach to policy-making.

The book draws on researchers' insights, based on surveys, experiments, theoretical work and market case studies, into specific behavioural issues and how these may or may not be resolved by intervention. The book's intended audiences are policy-makers and practitioners who may be weighing up whether and how to take the evidence on behavioural traits into account when considering intervention in markets. The book has been written to make it accessible to a wide range of readers, whether in public, private or third sector organisations. It comprises an Introduction and Glossary followed by eight chapters that include real-world case studies. It can be read as an introduction to the area, or as a reminder and a reference point to the more specialised analytical studies that are available. 

To download a copy of the book click here.

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