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Working Papers

Working Papers 2017

Information Strategies of New Product Introduction in Vertical Markets

CCP Working Paper 17-3    Policy Brief 17-3

Li Yimeng, Franco Mariuzzo, Nikolaos Korfiatis & Yu Xiong

Li, Y., Mariuzzo, F., Korfiatis, N., and Xiong, Y. (2017) "New Product Introduction and Information Strategies in Vertical Markets.", CCP Working Paper 17-3

KEYWORDS: Channel Relationships, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Word-of-Mouth


Market Transparency and Collusion under Imperfect Monitoring

CCP Working Paper 17-2    Policy Brief 17-2

Luke Garrod & Matthew Olczak

Garrod, L & Olczak, M. (2017) "Market Transparency and Collusion under Imperfect Monitoring", CCP Working Paper 17-2

KEYWORDS: Transparency, tacit collusion, imperfect information, price wars


Behavioral Sources of the Demand for Carbon Offsets: An Experimental Study

CCP Working Paper 17-1

Kai-Uwe Kuhn & Neslihan Uler

Kuhn KU, Uler N. (2017) "Behavioral Sources of the Demand for Carbon Offsets: An Experimental Study", CCP Working Paper 17-1


Working Papers 2016



UK Competition Policy Post-Brexit: In the Public Interest?

CCP Working Paper 16-12

Bruce Lyons, David Reader & Andreas Stephan

Lyons B, Reader D & Stephan A. (2016) "UK Competition Policy Post-Brexit: In the Public Interest?", CCP Working Paper 16-12

KEYWORDS: Competition Policy, Public Interest, Industrial Policy, Merger Control, State Aid, Brexit


Collusion, Firm Numbers and Asymmetries Revisited

CCP Working Paper 16-11    Policy Brief 16-11

Luke Garrod & Matthew Olczak

Garrod, L & Olczak, M. (2016) "Collusion, Firm Numbers and Asymmetries Revisited", CCP Working Paper 16-11

KEYWORDS: Cartel, tacit collusion, imperfect monitoring, capacity constraints


Three Forms of BT Separation: Objectives, solutions and effects

CCP Working Paper 16-10      Policy Brief 16-10

Richard Cadman

Cadman, R. (2016) "Three Forms of BT Seperation: Objectives, solutions and effects", CCP Working Paper 16-10

KEYWORDS: Vertical integration, seperation, telecoms, investment, discrimination


Energy Affordability in the EU: the Risks of Metric Driven Policies

CCP Working Paper 16-9      Policy Brief 16-9

David Deller

Deller, D. (2016) "Energy Affordability in the EU: the Risks of Metric Driven Policies", CCP Working Paper 16-9

KEYWORDS: Energy, Affordability, Fuel Poverty, Expenditure Shares, European Union


Is the Monster Green-Eyed, or just Green? Assessing the Impact of Group Cohesion and Environmental Attitudes on Energy Conservation

CCP Working Paper 16-8       Policy Brief 16-8

Mike Brock

Brock, M. (2016) "Is the Monster Green-Eyed, or just Green? Assessing the Impact of Group Cohesion and Environmental Attitudes on Energy Conservation", CCP Working Paper 16-8

KEYWORDS: Energy Policy, Energy Consumption, Behavioural Economics, Group Cohesion, Contests. 


Does Online Search Predict Sales? Evidence from Big Data for Car Markets in Germany and the UK

CCP Working Paper 16-7        Policy Brief 16-7

Georg von Graevenitz

von Graevenitz, G., Helmers, C., Millot, V., & Turnbull, O. (2016) "Does Online Search Preditc Sales? Evidence from Big Data for Car Markets in Germany and the UK", CCP Working Paper 16-7

KEYWORDS: Online search, Google Trends, Serial correlation, Non-stationarity, Common Correlated Effects, Large Panels. 


Specifications in demand systems for drugs: logits v. aids

CCP Working Paper 16-6        Policy Brief 16-6

Farasat A.S. Bokhari & Franco Mariuzzo

Bokhari, F.A.S & Mariuzzo, F (2016) "Specifications in demand systems for drugs: logits v. aids", CCP Working Paper 16-6

KEYWORDS: Demand systems; AIDS demand; logit; random coefficients logit; discrete choice; merger simulations; psychostimulant.



Post-merger price variation matters, so why do merger retrospectives ignore it?

CCP Working Paper 16-5        Policy Brief 16-5

Franco Mariuzzo & Peter L. Ormosi

Mariuzzo, F & Ormosi, P.L (2016) "Post-merger price variation matters, so why do merger retrospectives ignore it?", CCP Working Paper 16-5

KEYWORDS: Mergers; merger retrospectives; difference in differences.



What can merger retrospectives tell us? An assessment of European mergers

CCP Working Paper 16-4        Policy Brief 16-4

Franco Mariuzzo, Peter Ormosi & Richard Havell

Mariuzzo, F, Ormosi, P & Havell, R (2016) "What can merger retrospectives tell us? An assessment of European mergers", CCP Working Paper 16-4

KEYWORDS: Mergers; merger retrospectives; ex-post evaluation.



Accommodating Public Interest Considerations in Domestic Merger Control: Empirical Insights

CCP Working Paper 16-3        Policy Brief 16-3

David Reader

Reader, D (2016) "Accommodating Public Interest Considerations in Domestic Merger Control: Empirical Insights", CCP Working Paper 16-3

KEYWORDS: Merger control; public interest criteria; competition law; global convergence; institutions.



The History and Scope of EU Health Law and Policy

CCP Working Paper 16-2        Policy Brief 16-2

Mary Guy & Wolf Sauter

Guy, M  & Sauter, W (2016) "The History and Scope of EU Health Law and Policy", CCP Working Paper 16-2

KEYWORDS: Healthcare; public health; subsidiarity; European integration; governance



Growth and returns to new products and pack varieties: The case of UK pharmaceuticals

CCP Working Paper 16-1      Policy Brief 16-1

Bennato, AR, Bokhari F & Mariuzzo F

Bennato, AR, Bokhari, F & Mariuzzo, F (2016) "Growth and returns to new products and pack varieties: The case of UK pharmaceuticals", CCP Working Paper 16-1

KEYWORDS: Pharmaceuticals, growth, product differentiation, non-linear pricing

Working Papers 2015

CCP Working Paper 15-13

Rhodes, A & Wilson, C (2015) "False Advertising", CCP Working Paper 15-13

Policy Brief 15-13


CCP Working Paper 15-12

Akman, P (2015) "A Competition Law Assessment of Platform Most-Favoured-Customer Clauses", CCP Working Paper 15-12

Policy Brief 15-12


CCP Working Paper 15-11

Crede, C. (2015) "A structural break cartel screen for dating and detecting collusion", CCP Working Paper 15-11

Policy Brief 15-11


CCP Working Paper 15-10

Peyer, S. (2015) "Compensation and the Damages Directive", CCP Working Paper 15-10

Policy Brief 15-10


CCP Working Paper 15-9 v2 (updated January 2017)

von Graevenitz, GHall, B & Helmers C (2015) "Technology Entry in the Presence of Patent Thickets"CCP Working Paper 15-9 v2

Policy Brief 15-9


CCP Working Paper 15-8

Stephan, A. (2015) "Survey of Public Attitudes to Price Fixing in the UK, Germany, Italy and the USA" [Request paper from author]

Policy Brief 15-8


CCP Working Paper 15-7 v2 (updated on 11/11/2015)

Lu, L. (2015) "A Comparison of the Wholesale Structure and the Agency Structure in Differentiated Markets", CCP Working Paper 15-7 v2

Policy Brief 15-7 v2


CCP Working Paper 15-6

Lu, L. (2015) "Proliferation and Entry Deterrence in Vertically Differentiated Markets", CCP Working Paper 15-6

Policy Brief 15-6


CCP Working Paper 15-5 v3 (updated on 03/05/2017)

Bokhari, F., Mariuzzo, F. & Polanski, A. (2015) "Entry limiting agreements for pharmaceuticals: pay-to-delay and authorized generic deals", CCP Working Paper 15-5


Policy Brief 15-5



CCP Working Paper 15-4 v3 (updated on 25/08/2016)

Comino, S., Manenti, F. & Mariuzzo, F. (2015) "Updates Management in Mobile Applications. iTunes vs Google Play", CCP Working Paper 15-4 v3

Policy Brief 15-4


CCP Working Paper 15-3

Gallasch, S. (2015) "Activating Actavis in Europe - the Proposal of a "Structured Effects Based" Analysis for Pay for Delay Settlements", CCP Working Paper 15-3

Policy Brief 15-3


CCP Working Paper 15-2

Gallasch, S. (2015) "Adding a New Dimension to EU Pharmaceutical Antitrust - Pay for Delay Settlements as Part of a Unilateral Strategy such as Product Hopping", CCP Working Paper 15-2

Policy Brief 15-2


CCP Working Paper 15-1 v2 (updated on 04/11/2015)

Chowdhury, S.M. & Crede, C.J. (2015) "Post-Cartel Tacit Collusion: Determinants, Consequences, and Prevention", CCP Working Paper 15-1 v2

Policy Brief 15-1


Working Papers 2014


CCP Working Paper 14-9

Deller, D. & Vantaggiato, F. (2014), "Revisiting the Regulatory State: A Multidisciplinary Review Establishing a New Research Agenda", CCP Working Paper 14-9.

Policy Brief 14-9


CCP Working Paper 14-8

Stephan, A. & Nikpay, A. (2014), "Leniency Theory and Complex Realities",  CCP Working Paper 14-8.

Policy Brief 14-8


CCP Working Paper 13-7 v2

Davies, S. & Ormosi, P. (2014) "The Economic Impact of Cartels and Anti-Cartel Enforcement", CCP Working Paper 13-7 v2. 

Policy Brief 13-7 v2

This paper was previously published as "The Impact of Competition Policy: What are the Known Unknowns?", CCP Working Paper 13-7, with a stronger focus on mergers. It has been revised with a focus on cartels rather than mergers. 


CCP Working Paper 14-7

Dobson, P. & Chakraborty, R. (2014) "How Do National Brands and Store Brands Compete?", CCP Working Paper 14-7.

Policy Brief 14-7


CCP Working Paper 14-6 v2 (updated 05/11/2015)

Bos, I., Davies, S. & Ormosi, P. (2014) "The Deterrent Effect of Anti-Cartel Enforcement: A Tale of Two Tails", CCP Working Paper 14-6 v2.

Policy Brief 14-6


CCP Working Paper 14-5

Fletcher, A. & Hviid, M. (2014) "Retail Price MFNs: Are they RPM 'at its worst'?", CCP Working Paper 14-5.

Policy Brief 14-5


CCP Working Paper 14-4

Garrod, L. & Olczak, M. (2014) "Collusion under Private Monitoring with Asymmetric Capacity Constraints", CCP Working Paper 14-4. 

Policy Brief 14-4


CCP Working Paper 14-3

Stephan, A. (2014) "Is the Korean Innovation of Individual Informant Rewards a Viable Cartel Detection Tool?", CCP Working Paper 14-3.

Policy Brief 14-3


CCP Working Paper 14-2

Lan, H., Lloyd, T.A. & Morgan, C. W (2014) "Supermarket Promotions and Food Prices", CCP Working Paper 14-2

Policy Brief 14-2


CCP Working Paper 14-1

Davies, S., Ormosi, P. & Graffenberger M. (2014) "Mergers after Cartels: How Markets React to Cartel Breakdown", CCP Working Paper 14-1

Policy Brief 14-1


Working Papers 2013

CCP Working Paper 13-13

Davies, C. & Lorgelly, P. (2013) 'Hospital Procurement with Concentrated Sellers: A Case Study of Hip Prostheses', CCP Working Paper 13-13

Policy Brief 13-13


CCP Working Paper 13-12

Waddams Price, C. & Zhu, M. (2013) 'Pricing in the UK Retail Energy Market, 2005 - 2013', CCP Working Paper 13-12

Policy Brief 13-12


CCP Working Paper 13-11

Waddams Price, C., Webster, C. & Zhu, M. (2013), 'Searching and Switching: Empirical Estimates of Consumer Behaviour in Regulated Markets', CCP Working Paper 13-11.

Policy Brief 13-11


CCP Working Paper 13-10

Flores, M. & Waddams Price, C. (2013), 'Consumer Behaviour in the British Retail Electricity Market', CCP Working Paper 13-10

Policy Brief 13-10


CCP Working Paper 13-9

Chowdhury, S. M. & Wandschneider, F. (2013) 'Anti-trust and the ‘Beckerian Proposition’: the Effects of Investigation and Fines on Cartels', CCP Working Paper 13-9

Policy Brief 13-9


CCP Working Paper 13-8

Akman, P. (2013) 'Period of Limitations in Follow-on Competition Cases: The Elephant in the Room?', CCP Working Paper 13-8

Policy Brief 13-8


CCP Working Paper 13-7

Davies, S. & Ormosi, P. (2013) 'The Impact of Competition Policy: What are the Known Unknowns?', CCP Working Paper 13-7

Policy Brief 13-7

Please note: This paper has been revised, with a focus on cartels rather than mergers, and is now published as CCP Working Paper 13-7v2 (2014)

Policy Brief 13-7v2 (2014)


CCP Working Paper 13-6

Chowdhury, S.M., De, O. & Martin, S. (2013) 'Product Quality and Business Contracts: Intermediary Crude Oil Pricing in a Southwest-US Regional Market', CCP Working Paper 13-6

Policy Brief 13-6


CCP Working Paper 13-5

Hüschelrath, K. & Peyer, S. (2013) 'Public and Private Enforcement of Competition Law A Differentiated Approach', CCP Working Paper 13-5

Policy Brief 13-5


CCP Working Paper 13-4

Harhoff, D., von Graevenitz, G. & Wagner, S. (2013) 'Conflict Resolution, Public Goods and Patent Thickets', CCP Working Paper 13-4

Policy Brief 13-4


CCP Working Paper 13-3

Agisilaou, P (2013) 'Collusion in Industrial Economics and Optimally Designed Leniency Programmes - A Survey', CCP Working Paper 13-3

Policy Brief 13-3


CCP Working Paper 13-2

von Graevenitz, G. (2013) 'Trade Mark Cluttering - Evidence from EU Enlargement', CCP Working Paper 13-2

Policy Brief 13-2


CCP Working Paper 13-1

Bokhari, F. (2013) 'What is the Price of Pay-to-Delay Deals?', CCP Working Paper 13-1

Policy Brief 13-1


Working papers 2012

CCP Working Paper 12-14

Gu, Y. & Wenzel, T. (2012) 'Strategic Obfuscation and Consumer Protection Policy in Financial Markets: Theory and Experimental Evidence', CCP Working Paper 12-14

Policy Brief 12-14


CCP Working Paper 12-13

Sitzia, S., Zheng, J. & Zizzo, D. (2102) 'Complexity and Smart Nudges with Inattentive Consumers', CCP Working Paper 12-13.

Policy Brief 12-13


CCP Working Paper 12-12

Greasley, S. & Hanretty, C. (2012) 'Culling the Quangos: When is Delegation Revoked?', CCP Working Paper 12-12

Executive Summary 12-12


CCP Working Paper 12-11

Ashton, J.K. & Pressey, A. (2012) 'Who Manages Cartels? The Role of Sales and Marketing Managers within International Cartels: Evidence from the European Union 1990-2009', CCP Working Paper 12-11 

Policy Brief 12-11


CCP Working Paper 12-10

Davies, S. & De, O. (2012) 'Ringleaders in larger number, asymmetric cartels', CCP Working Paper 12-10

Policy Brief 12-10


CCP Working Paper 12-9

Bennato, A. & Valletti, T (2012) 'Pharmaceutical Innovation and Parallel Trade', CCP Working Paper 12-9

Policy Brief 12-9


CCP Working Paper 12-8

Cadman, R. (2012) 'Invention, Innovation and Diffusion of Local Loop Unbundling in the UK', CCP Working Paper 12-8.

Policy Brief 12-8


CCP Working Paper 12-7

Li, Y. & Pitman, R. (2012) 'The Proposed Merger of AT & T and T-Mobile: Are there unexhausted scale economies in the US mobile telephony?', CCP Working Paper 12-7.

Executive Summary 12-7


CCP Working Paper 12-6

Zhu, M. (2012) 'Large Foreign Banks and Small-Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs): Friends or Foes?', CCP Working Paper 12-6.

Executive Summary 12-6


CCP Working Paper 12-5

Agisilaou, P. (2012) 'Keep to Sustain or Keep to Exploit? Why Firms Keep Hard Evidence', CCP Working Paper 12-5.

Executive Summary 12-5


CCP Working Paper 12-4

Zhu, M. (2012) 'The Impact of Foreign Bank Entry in Emerging Markets: Knowledge Spillovers or Competitive Pressure', CCP Working Paper 12-4.

Executive Summary 12-4


CCP Working Paper 12-3

Li, Y. & Lyons, B. (2012) 'Market Structure, Regulation and the Speed of Mobile Network Penetration', CCP Working Paper 12-3

Policy Brief 12-3


CCP Working Paper 12-2

Davies, S., Waddams Price, C. & Wilson,C. (2012) 'Non linear Pricing and Tariff Differentiation', CCP Working Paper 12-2.

Policy Brief 12-2


CCP Working Paper 12-1

Li, Y. & Waddams Price, C. (2012) 'Effect of Regulatory Reform on the Efficiency of Mobile Telecommunications', CCP Working Paper 12-1.

Policy Brief 12-1


Working papers 2011

CCP Working Paper 11-17

Bennato, A. & Magazzini, L. (2011) 'International Cooperation in Pharmaceutical Research', CCP Working Paper 11-17

Executive Summary 11-17


CCP Working Paper 11-16

Modak Chowdhury, S. & Martin. S. (2011) 'Innovation Races with the Possibility of Failure', CCP Working Paper 11-16.

Executive Summary 11-16


CCP Working Paper 11-15

Cemil Ozbugday, F. (2011) 'The Assessment of Agreements for Which Temporary Antitrust Immunity is Sought: Competition Authority Perspective', CCP Working Paper 11-15

Policy Brief 11-15


CCP Working Paper 11-14

Garrod, L. (2011) 'Collusive Price Rigidity under Price-matching Punishment', CCP Working Paper 11-14

Executive Summary 11-14


CCP Working Paper 11-13

Bos, I. & Wandschneider, F. (2011) 'Cartel Ringleaders and the Corporate Leniency Program' CCP Working Paper 11-13

Policy Brief 11-13


CCP Working Paper 11-12

Ormosi, P. (2011) 'Tactical Dilatory Practice in Litigation: Evidence from EC Merger Proceedings', CCP Working Paper 11-12

Executive Summary 11-12


CCP Working Paper 11-11

Green, R & Vasilakos, N. (2011) 'Storing Wind for a Rainy Day: What Kind of Electricity Does Denmark Export?', CCP Working Paper 11-11

Executive Summary 11-11


CCP Working Paper 11-10

Trumbull, G. (2011) 'Credit Access and Social Welfare in France and America', CCP Working Paper 11-10

Executive Summary 11-10


CCP Working Paper 11-9

Lewis, R. & Reiley, D. (2011), 'Does Retail Advertising Work? Measuring the Effects of Advertising on Sales via a Controlled Experiment on Yahoo!', CCP Working Paper 11-9


CCP Working Paper 11-8

Stephan, A. (2011), 'Disqualification Orders for Directors Involved in Cartels', CCP Working Paper 11-8

Policy Brief 11-8


CCP Working Paper 11-7

Peyer, S. (2011), 'Injunctive Relief and Private Antitrust Enforcement', CCP Working Paper 11-7

Policy Brief 11-7


CCP Working Paper 11-6

Ormosi, P. (2011) 'How big is a tip of the iceberg? A parsimonious way to estimate cartel detection rate', CCP Working Paper 11-6

Policy Brief 11-6


CCP Working Paper 11-5

Garrod, L. & Lyons, B. (2011) 'Early Settlements and Errors in Merger Control', CCP Working Paper 11-5

Executive Summary 11-5


CCP Working Paper 11-4

Green, R. & Vasilakos, N. (2011) 'The Long-term Impact of Wind Power on Electricity Prices and Generating Capacity', CCP Working Paper 11-4

Executive Summary 11-4


CCP Working Paper 11-3

Diaz-Rainey, I. (2011) 'Financing Renewable Energy through Household Adoption of Green Electricity Tariffs: A Diffusion Model of an Induced Environmental Market'CCP Working Paper 11-3

Policy Brief 11-3


CCP Working Paper 11-2 

Martyniszyn, M. (2011) 'Avoidance Techniques: State Related Defences in International Antitrust Cases', CCP Working Paper 11-2

Policy Brief 11-2


CCP Working Paper 11-1

Li, Y. & Lyons, B. (2011) 'Three Private Firms and an Independent Regulator are Sufficient for Rapid Mobile Network Penetration', CCP Working Paper 11-1

Policy Brief 11-1



Working papers 2010

CCP Working Paper 10-19

Davies, S. & Ormosi, P. (2010) 'Assessing Competition Policy: Methodologies, Gaps and Agenda for Future Research', CCP Working Paper 10-19

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 10-18

Hviid, M. & Waddams Price, C. (2010) 'Non-discrimination clauses in the retail energy market', CCP Working Paper 10-18

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 10-17

Hancock, R. & Hviid, M. (2010) 'Buyer Power and Price Discrimination: The Case of the UK Care Homes Market', CCP Working Paper 10-17

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 10-16

Braun, F, Hooper, E, Wand, R & Zloczysti, P. (2010) 'Holding a Candle to Innovation in Concentrating Solar Power Technologies', CCP Working Paper 10-16

Executive Summary


CCP Working Paper 10-15

Modak Chowdhury, S. & Martin, S. (2010) 'Exclusivity and Exclusion on Platform Markets', CCP Working Paper 10-15

Executive Summary 


CCP Working Paper 10-14

Marx, LM, & Shaffer, G. (2010) 'Slotting Allowances and Scarce Shelf Space', CCP Working Paper 10-14

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 10-13

Inderst, R &Shaffer, G. (2010) 'Market-Share Contracts as Facilitating Practices', CCP Working Paper 10-13

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 10-12

Peyer, S. (2010) 'Myths and Untold Stories - Private Antitrust Enforcement In Germany', CCP Working Paper 10-12

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 10-11

Foros, O., Jarle Kind, H. & Shaffer, G. (2010) 'Resale Price Maintenance and Restrictions on Dominant Firm and Industry-Wide Adoption', CCP Working Paper 10-11

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 10-10

Blauberger, M. & Kramer, RU. (2010) 'European Competition vs. Global Competitiveness: Transferring EU Rules on State Aid and Public Procurement beyond Europe', CCP Working Paper 10-10

Executive Summary


CCP Working Paper 10-9

Perino, G. (2010) 'Price Discrimination Based on Downstream Regulation: Evidence from the Market for SO2 Scrubbers'CCP Working Paper 10-9

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 10-8

Sitzia, S. & Zizzo, D. (2010) 'Price low and then price high or price high and then price low?'
CCP Working Paper 10-8

Executive Summary


CCP Working Paper 10-7

Diaz-Rainey, I. (2010) 'Modelling International Wind Energy Diffusion: Are the Patterns of Induced Diffusion 'S' shaped?', CCP Working Paper 10-7

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 10-6

Chowdhury, SM (2010) 'The All-pay Auction with Non-Monotonic Payoff',  CCP Working Paper 10-6

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 10-5

Chowdhury, SM. & Sheremeta, R. (2010) 'The Equivalence of Contests', CCP Working Paper 10-5

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 10-4

Akman, P. & Garrod, L. (2010) 'When Are Excessive Prices Unfair?'CCP Working Paper 10-4

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 10-3

Olczak, M. (2010) 'Unilateral versus Coordinated Effects: Comparing the Impact on Consumer Welfare of Alternative Merger Outcomes', CCP Working Paper 10-3

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 10-2

Lyons, B., Menzies, GD. & Zizzo, D. (2010) 'Professional Interpretation of the Standard of Proof: An Experimental Test on Merger Regulation', CCP Working Paper 10-2

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 10-1

Ormosi, P. (2010) 'Merger Remedies versus Efficiency Defence: An analysis of merging parties' litigation strategy in EC merger cases', CCP Working Paper 10-1

Policy Brief

Working papers 2009

CCP Working Paper 09-11

Ormosi, P. (2009) 'Determinants of the success of remedy offers: Evidence from European Community mergers', CCP Working Paper 09-11

Policy Briefing


CCP Working Paper 09-10

Ormosi, P. (2009) 'Are all mergers equally delay-averse? An empirical analysis of procedural delay in European Commission merger cases (1999-2008)', CCP Working Paper 09-10

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 09-09

Stephan, A. (2009) 'Hear no Evil, See no Evil: Why Antitrust Compliance Programmes may be Ineffective at Preventing Cartels'CCP Working Paper 09-09

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 09-08

Ashton, J. (2009) 'Should the Joint Provision of Credit Insurance with Unsecured Lending be Prohibited? An Examination of the UK Payment Protection Insurance Market', CCP Working Paper 09-08

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 09-07

Davies, S., Waddams Price, C. & Wilson, CM. (2009) 'How Far Does Economic Theory Explain Competitive Nonlinear Pricing in Practice?', CCP Working Paper 09-7

*an updated version of this paper is available here

Executive Summary 

CCP Working Paper 09-06

Li, Y. (2009) 'A firm-level panel-data Approach to Efficiency, Total Factor Productivity, Catch-Up and Innovation and Mobile Telecommunications Reform (1995-2007)' CCP Working Paper 09-06

*an updated version  of this paper available here

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 09-05

Mezzanotte, F (2009) 'Can the Commission use Article 82EC to Combat Tacit Collusion?', CCP Working Paper 09-05 

Policy Brief 

*This working paper correspondes to journal citation 'Using Abuse of Collective Dominance in Article 102TFEU to Fight Tacit Collusion: the Problem of Proof and Inferential Error', World Competition 33, no. 1(2010) 77-102.


CCP Working Paper 09-04

Lyons, B. (2009) 'Competition Policy, Bailouts and the Economic Crisis'CCP Working Paper 09-04

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 09-03

Wilson, CM. (2009) 'Market Frictions: A Unified Model of Search and Switching Costs' CCP Working Paper 09-03 (Updated January 2012)

A previous version of this paper was titled "Markets with Search and Switching Costs" (CCP Working Paper 06-10)

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 09-02

Ashton, J. & Pressey, A. (2009) 'The Regulatory Challenge to Branding: An Interpretation of UK Competition Authority Investigations 1950-2007'CCP Working Paper 09-02

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 09-01

Akman, P. (2009) 'Exploitative Abuse in Article 82EC: Back to Basics?'CCP Working Paper 09-01

Policy Brief 09-01

Working papers 2008

CCP Working Paper 08-35

Li, Y. (2008), "Econometric Evidence on the Impacts of Privatization, New Entry, and Independent Industry Regulator on Mobile Network Penetration and Expansion",  CCP Working Paper 08-35.

Policy Brief 08-35


CCP Working Paper 08-34

Akman, P. (2008), "'Consumer' versus 'Customer': the Devil in the Detail",  CCP Working Paper 08-34.

Policy Brief 08-34


CCP Working Paper 08-33

Sitzia, S. & Zizzo, D.J. (2008), "Does Product Complexity Matter for Competition in Experimental Markets?",  CCP Working Paper 08-33.

Executive Summary 08-33


CCP Working Paper 08-32

Davies, S. & Olczak, M. (2008), "Tacit versus Overt Collusion Firm Asymmetries and Numbers: What's the Evidence?",  CCP Working Paper 08-32.


CCP Working Paper 08-31

Gaudeul, A. (2008), "Consumer Welfare and Market Structure in a Model of Competition between Open Source and Proprietary Software",  CCP Working Paper 08-31.

Policy Brief 08-31 


CCP Working Paper 08-30

Guven Uslu, P. & Pham Linh, T. (2008), "Effects of Changes in Public Policy on Efficiency and Productivity of General Hospitals in Vietnam",  CCP Working Paper 08-30.

Policy Brief 08-30


CCP Working Paper 08-29

Stephan, A. (2008), "Beyond the Cartel Law Handbook: How Corruption, Social Norms and Collectivist Business Cultures can Undermine Conventional Enforcement Tools",  CCP Working Paper 08-29.


CCP Working Paper 08-28

Davies, S. & Olczak, M. (2008), "Assessing the Efficacy of Structural Merger Remedies: Choosing Between Theories of Harm?",  CCP Working Paper 08-28.

Policy Brief 08-28


CCP Working Paper 08-27

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Policy Brief 08-27


CCP Working Paper 08-26

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Policy Brief 08-26


CCP Working Paper 08-25

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Policy Brief 08-25


CCP Working Paper 08-24

Wright, K. (2008), "European Commission Opinions to National Courts in Antitrust Cases: Consistent Application and the Judicial-Administrative Relationship",  CCP Working Paper 08-24.

Policy Brief 08-24


CCP Working Paper 08-23

Gaudeul, A. (2008), "Software Marketing on the Internet: the Use of Samples and Repositories",  CCP Working Paper 08-23.

Executive Summary 08-23


CCP Working Paper 08-22

Breitmoser, Y. Tan, J.H.W. & Zizzo, D.J. (2008), "Understanding Perpetual R&D Races",  CCP Working Paper 08-22.

Executive Summary 08-22


CCP Working Paper 08-21

Chen, Z. (2008), "Cartel Organization and Antitrust Enforcement",  CCP Working Paper 08-21.

Policy Brief 08-21


CCP Working Paper 08-20

Foros, Ø. & Steen, F. (2008), "Gasoline Prices Jump Up on Mondays: an Outcome of Aggressive Competition?",  CCP Working Paper 08-20.

Policy Brief 08-20


CCP Working Paper 08-19

Stephan, A. (2008), "The UK Cartel Offence: Lame Duck or Black Mamba?",  CCP Working Paper 08-19.

Policy Brief 08-19


CCP Working Paper 08-18

Chen, Z. & Rey, P. (2007), "On the Design of Leniency Programs",  CCP Working Paper 08-18.

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 08-17

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Policy Brief 08-17


CCP Working Paper 08-16

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CCP Working Paper 08-15

Yonhee Chang, T. and Waddhams, C. (2008) 'Gain or Pain: Does Consumer Activity Reflect Utility Maximisation?', CCP Working Paper 08-15

Policy Brief 08-15


CCP Working Paper 08-14

Cadman, R (2008) 'Inconsistent Regulation, Market Structure and Broadband Adoption in the EU: A Dynamic Model', CCP Working Paper 08-14

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 08-13

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CCP Working Paper 08-12

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CCP Working Paper 08-11

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CCP Working Paper 08-10

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CCP Working Paper 08-08

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CCP Working Paper 08-07

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CCP Working Paper 08-06

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CCP Working Paper 08-05

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CCP Working Paper 08-04

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CCP Working Paper 08-03

Hviid, M. & Medvedev, A. (2008) 'The Role of Contribution among Defendants in Private Antitrust Litigation',  CCP Working Paper 08-03

Policy Brief


CCP Working Paper 08-02

Gaudeul, A. (2008) 'Open Source Licensing in Mixed Markets, or Why Open Source Software Does Not Succeed'CCP Working Paper 08-02

Policy Brief 


CCP Working Paper 08-01

Lyons, B. (2008) 'The Paradox of the Exclusion of Exploitative Abuse'CCP Working Paper 08-01

Policy Brief


Working papers 2007

CCP Working Paper 07-21

Cengiz, F. (2007), "Passing-on Defense and Indirect Purchaser Standing in Actions for Damages against the Violation of Competition Law: what can the EC learn from the US?",  CCP Working Paper 07-21.

CCP Working Paper 07-20

Gaudeul, A. & Sugden, R. (2007), "Spurious Complexity and Common Standards in Markets for Consumer Goods",  CCP Working Paper 07-20.

Policy Brief 07-20

CCP Working Paper 07-19

Kassim, H. & Wright, K. (2007), "Revisiting Modernisation: the European Commission, Policy Change and the Reform of EC Competition Policy",  CCP Working Paper 07-19.

Executive Summary 07-19

CCP Working Paper 07-18

Subramanian, S. (2007), "Different Rules for Different Owners: Does a Non-Competing Patentee have a Right to Exclude? A Study of Post-eBay Cases",  CCP Working Paper 07-18.

Policy Brief 07-18

CCP Working Paper 07-17

Majumdar, A. & Shaffer, G. (2007), "Market-Share Contracts with Asymmetric Information",  CCP Working Paper 07-17.

Policy Brief 07-17

CCP Working Paper 07-16

Medvedev, A. (2007), "Structural Remedies in Merger Regulation in a Cournot Framework",  CCP Working Paper 07-16.

Policy Brief 07-16

CCP Working Paper 07-15

Pressey, A. & Ashton, J. (2007), "Competition Policy Implications of Electronic Business-to-Business Marketplaces: Issues for Marketers",  CCP Working Paper 07-15.

Policy Brief 07-15

CCP Working Paper 07-14

Ashton, J. (2007), "Synchronisation and Staggering of Deposit Account Interest Rate Changes",  CCP Working Paper 07-14.

Policy Brief

CCP Working Paper 07-13

Ordover, J. & Shaffer, G. (2007), "Exclusionary Discounts",  CCP Working Paper 07-13.

Policy Brief 07-13

CCP Working Paper 07-12

Stephan, A. (2007), "Survey of Public Attitudes to Price-Fixing and Cartel Enforcement in Britain",  CCP Working Paper 07-12.

Policy Brief 07-12

CCP Working Paper 07-11

Waddams Price, C. Brazier, K. Pham, K. Mathieu, L. & Wang, W. (2007), "Identifying Fuel Poverty Using Objective and Subjective Measures",  CCP Working Paper 07-11. A previous version of this paper was available as CCP Working Paper 06-1.

Policy Brief 07-11

CCP Working Paper 07-10

Garrod, L. (2008), "Price Transparency and Consumer Naivety in a Competitive Market",  CCP Working Paper 07-10.

CCP Working Paper 07-9

Ashton, J. & Pham, K. (2007), "Efficiency and Price Effects of Horizontal Bank Mergers",  CCP Working Paper 07-9.

Executive Summary 07-9

CCP Working Paper 07-8

Bagdadioglu, N. Basaran, A. & Waddams Price, C. (2007), "Potential Impact of Electricity Reforms on Turkish Households",  CCP Working Paper 07-8.

Policy Brief 07-8

CCP Working Paper 07-7

Davies, S. & Olczak, M. with Coles, H. (2010), "Tacit Collusion, Firm Asymmetries and Numbers: Evidence from EC Merger Cases",  CCP Working Paper 07-7. Previous version February 2008

Policy Brief 07-7

CCP Working Paper 07-6

Wilson, C.M. & Waddams Price, C. (2007), "Do Consumers Switch to the Best Supplier?",  CCP Working Paper 07-6. Previous version of this paper was titled "Irrationality in Consumers' Switching Decisions: When More Firms May Mean Less Benefit" CCP Working Paper 05-4

Policy Brief 07-6

CCP Working Paper 07-5

Akman, P. (2007), "Searching for the Long-Lost Soul of Article 82EC",  CCP Working Paper 07-5 now published in Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (2009, 29(2), 267)

Policy Brief 07-5

CCP Working Paper 07-4

Bugg, A. (2007), "Owner Motivations in the UK Speciality Food Sector",  CCP Working Paper 07-4.

Policy Brief 07-4

CCP Working Paper 07-3

Lyons, B. & Medvedev, A. (2007), "Bargaining over Remedies in Merger Regulation",  CCP Working Paper 07-3.

Policy Brief 07-3

CCP Working Paper 07-2

Barrow, P. (2007), "Just Enough: Empowering Fixed-Line Telecommunications Consumers through a Quality of Service Information System",  CCP Working Paper 07-2.

Policy Brief 07-2

CCP Working Paper 07-1

Ashton, J. & Pressey, A. (2007), "The Regulatory Perception of the Marketing Function: an Interpretation of UK Competition Authority Investigations 1950-2005",  CCP Working Paper 07-1.

Policy Brief 07-1


Working papers 2006

CCP Working Paper 06-20

Harker, M. & Waddams Price, C. (2006), "Introducing Competition and Deregulating the British Domestic Energy Markets: a Legal and Economic Discussion",  CCP Working Paper 06-20.

Policy Brief 06-20

CCP Working Paper 06-19

Cengiz, F. (2006), "The Role of State Attorneys General in U.S. Antitrust Policy: Public Enforcement through Private Enforcement Methods",  CCP Working Paper 06-19.

Policy Brief 06-19

CCP Working Paper 06-18

Akman, P. (2006), "To Abuse or not to Abuse: Discrimination between Consumers",  CCP Working Paper 06-18.

Policy Brief 06-18

CCP Working Paper 06-17

Garrod, L. (2006), "Surcharging as a Facilitating Practice",  CCP Working Paper 06-17.

Policy Brief 06-17

CCP Working Paper 06-16

Harker, M. (2006), "UK Merger Remidies Under Scrutiny",  CCP Working Paper 06-16.

Policy Brief 06-16

CCP Working Paper 06-15

Chang, Y. (2006), "Role of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) and Capital Adequacy in Banking Structure and Competition",  CCP Working Paper 06-15.

Policy Brief 06-15

CCP Working Paper 06-14

Ashton, J. & Hudson, R. (2006), "Interest Rate Clustering in UK Financial Services Markets",  CCP Working Paper 06-14.

Policy Brief 06-14

CCP Working Paper 06-13

Bagdadioglu, N. Waddams Price, C. & Weyman-Jones, T. (2006), "Measuring Potential Gains from Mergers among Electricity Distribution Companies in Turkey using a Non-Parametric Model",  CCP Working Paper 06-13.

Policy Brief

CCP Working Paper 06-12

Gaudeul, A. (2006), "Vertical and Horizontal Differentiation with Network Effects in the Competition between Open-Source and Proprietary Software", A previous version of this paper was titled "Differentiation and network Effects in Open-Source Production" (CCP Working Paper 05-3) CCP Working Paper 06-12 (currently under revision).

CCP Working Paper 06-11

Breitmoser, Y. Tan, J.H.W. & Zizzo, D.J. (2006), "A Test of Perpetual R&D Races",  CCP Working Paper 06-11.

Executive Summary 06-11

CCP Working Paper 06-10

Wilson, C. (2007), "Markets with Search and Switching Costs",  CCP Working Paper 06-10. This paper has been updated to CCP Working Paper 09-3

CCP Working Paper 06-9

Harker, M. & Hviid, M. (2006), "Competition Law Enforcement: the "Free-Riding" Plaintiff and Incentives for the Revelation of Private Information",  CCP Working Paper 06-9.

Policy Brief 06-9

CCP Working Paper 06-8

Medvedev, A. (2006), "Efficiency Defence, Administrative Fuzziness, and Commitment in Merger Regulation",  CCP Working Paper 06-8.

CCP Working Paper 06-7

Olczak, M. (2006), "Chain-Store Pricing and the Structure of Retail Markets",  CCP Working Paper 06-7.

Policy Brief 06-7

CCP Working Paper 06-6

Scott, A. (2006), "National Champions and the Two-Thirds Rule in EC merger Control",  CCP Working Paper 06-6.

Policy Brief 06-6

CCP Working Paper 06-5

Stephan, A. (2006), "The Bankruptcy Wildcard in Cartel Cases",  CCP Working Paper 06-5.

Policy Brief 06-5

CCP Working Paper 06-4

Chang, Y.T. (2005), "Evolution of Banking Structure: Industrial Policy and Deregulation",  CCP Working Paper 06-4.

CCP Working Paper 06-3

Chang, Y.T. (2005), "Dynamics of Internet banking Adoption",  CCP Working Paper 06-3.

Policy Brief 06-3

CCP Working Paper 06-2

Chang, Y.T. (2005), "Collective Relationship Banking and Private Information Monitoring in Korea",  CCP Working Paper 06-2.

CCP Working Paper 06-1

Brazier, K. Mathieu, L. Waddams Price, C. & Wang, W. (2006), "Identifying Fuel Poverty Using Objective and Subjective Measures",  CCP Working Paper 06-1: this paper has been updated to CCP Working Paper 07-11


Working papers 2005

CCP Working Paper 05-10

Stephan, A. (2005), "An Empirical Assessment of the 1996 Leniency Notice",  CCP Working Paper 05-10.

CCP Working Paper 05-9

Wilson, C. (2005), "The Effects of Consumer Protection on Sales Signs, Consumer Search and Competition",  CCP Working Paper 05-9.

CCP Working Paper 05-8

Akman, P. & Hviid, M. (2005), "A Most-Favoured-Customer Guarentee with a Twist",  CCP Working Paper 05-8.

CCP Working Paper 05-7

Majumdar, A. (2005), "Waterbed Effects and Buyer Mergers",  CCP Working Paper 05-7.

CCP Working Paper 05-6

Bugg, A. (2005), "The Livestock Mandatory Reporting Act: Has Information Pooling Led to Anticompetitive Behaviour in the US Beef Industry",  CCP Working Paper 05-6.

CCP Working Paper 05-5

Davies, L. Wright, K. & Waddams Price, C. (2005), "Experience of Privatisation, Regulation and Competition: Lessons for Governments",  CCP Working Paper 05-5.

CCP Working Paper 05-4

Wilson, C. & Waddams Price, C. (2005), "Irrationality in Consumers' Switching Decisions: When More Firms may Mean Less Benefit",  CCP Working Paper 05-4: paper has been updated to CCP Working Paper 07-6.

CCP Working Paper 05-3

Gaudeul, A. (2005), "Differentiation and Network Effects in Open Source Production",  CCP Working Paper 05-3 (currently under revision).

CCP Working Paper 05-2

Haldrup, N. & Møllgaard, P. (2005), "Sequential versus Simultaneous Market Delineation: The Relevant Antitrust Market for Salmon",  CCP Working Paper 05-2.


CCP Working Paper 05-1

Olczak, M. (2005), "Raising Rivals' Fixed Costs",  CCP Working Paper 05-1.


Working papers 2004

CCP Working Paper 04-1

Wilson, C. (2004), "Price Deception, Market Power and Consumer Policy",  CCP Working Paper 04-1.

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