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AUTHORS: John K. Ashton & Andrew D. Pressey

ABSTRACT: Although the study of international cartels has a considerable lineage our understanding of their organization, operation and management remains limited. This study attends to this omission through examining the role of marketing and sales managers within international cartels using a content analysis of 56 major international price-fixing cartels over two decades (1990-2009). It is reported that marketing and sales managers are demonstrably involved in many international cartels (42.9% of all cartel cases), albeit often accompanied by more senior managers from other firm functions. Marketing and sales managers appear most frequently within worldwide and manufacturing industry cartels and where market allocation and customer-sharing practices occur. In light of these findings it is important to reassess both managerial attitudes towards inter-firm collaborations and enhance the position of antitrust concerns within business school syllabi.

KEYWORDS: Cartels; Competition law; Antitrust; Content Analysis; BusinessGovernment Interface.

CITATION: Ashton, J.K. & Pressey, A. (2012) 'Who Manages Cartels? The Role of Sales and Marketing Managers within International Cartels: Evidence from the European Union 1990-2009', CCP Working Paper 12-11

Policy Brief 12-11


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