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Our Research

CCP is a leading centre of independent expertise in all aspects of competition and economic regulation policy. We provide an academic output and a forum for debate; and policy-relevant findings for governments, authorities, private practitioners and the general public.

Together with our partner centres CCP has been in the vanguard of extracting information from competition authority decisions. This new wave of comparative research undertaken using empirical methods enables the Centre to play to its strength as an integrated interdisciplinary centre, where economist, lawyers and political scientists all use this approach.

Research themes 

With a much greater willingness from both agencies and politicians to intervene in markets and impose structural remedies, it is clear that there is a changing attitude to market based solutions which indicates a continuing need for independent, rigorous and relevant research.

Our research is grouped to reflect the combination of our researchers’ interests arising from their work to date, and our understanding of the key priority research areas which is informed through our engagement activities with our extensive academic and policymaker networks. This includes CCP’s Advisory Board and our members’ memberships of other boards and committees.

Our current research is organised around three main themes and Centre members can carry out research on more than one project at any given time. Similarly some themes may overlap slightly but the following four approaches characterise all of the Centre's research:

 - What purpose does it serve?

 - What happened next?

 - To extend and exploit the databases collected

 - To extend analysis from institutions to individual actors by examining the role of private enforcement


Policy and Practice

The research carried out by CCP is largely empirical and so provides a practical representation of a given situation that is being studied. In this sense the Centre's analyses can help to inform policy and market participants.

We have therefore created a Policy Brief for each new working paper to highlight the main findings and their policy implications.

From time to time, our members undertake projects on behalf of governments or other organisations. Our reports and consultations highlights all our research that has direct impact on relevant parts of public policy.

CCP has also contributed a number of impact case studies to its four supporting Schools within the UEA. When we are able to publish them they will appear on the Impact page. 

If you have a query regarding CCP's outreach or policy influence, please contact the Centre Manager.

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