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Previous work undertaken with ESRC funding can be found here.


Courts (including private enforcement)

The research is aimed at improving our understanding of the role of courts in an otherwise administrative system of enforcement of competition and regulation. 


Lead: Prof Morten Hviid, Professor of Law

Shaun Bradshaw, PhD Student

Prof Michael Harker, Professor of Law

Natalya Mosunova, PhD Student


Regulation and the Regulatory State

One main aim is to map the extension of regulation into new areas, possibly with new objectives to evaluate regulation more generally. The second part of the project aims at providing a comprehensive review of regulated industries' performance against early expectations. 


Lead: Prof Hussein Kassim, Professor of Politics

Shaun Bradshaw, PhD Student

Dr David Deller, Research Associate

Prof Michael HarkerProfessor of Law

Prof Bruce Lyons, Professor of Economics

Prof John Street, Professor of Politics

Dr Nicholas Vasilakos, Lecturer in International Business

Prof Catherine Waddams, Professor of Regulation

Policy Evaluation

The underlying question is what makes a good enforcement agency and what methods can be developed to offer a fair assessment of agencies. 


Lead: Dr Peter Ormosi, Lecturer in Competition Policy

Prof Bruce LyonsProfessor of Economics

Dr Franco Mariuzzo, Lecturer in Econometrics

David Reader, Research Associate

Prof Andreas Stephan, Professor of Competition Law

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