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Equity and Justice in Energy Markets

The Centre for Competition Policy has received substantial funding from the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) to perform a series of investigations, using different methodological approaches, on ‘Equity and Justice in Energy Markets’ in the UK.

The project team, based at UEA, consists of Catherine Waddams, Michael Harker, Tom Hargreaves, Amelia Fletcher, David Deller, Liz Errington, David Reader, Noel Longhurst and Glen Turner, drawn from the Norwich Business School (NBS), the UEA Law School (LAW), the School of Environmental Sciences (ENV), and the School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies (PPL).

The project focuses on three dimensions of equity and justice in energy markets and their institutional context:

a) Access to opportunities;

b) Consumer response to opportunities; and

c) Outcomes resulting from consumer access and response.


Relevant CCP work

Recent CCP work relevant to this project can be found here



The research project comprises seven inter-related Research Packages, united by these three approaches to equity and justice. These are: 

RP 1: The Statutory and Institutional Context

RP 2: The Impact of the Devolved Administrations

RP 3: Who Hasn't Switched, and What Financial Gain Have They Missed?

RP 4: Long Run Energy Expenditure Shares

RP 5: Heat Affordability Indicators: Energy Expenditure Shares vs Self-Reported Perceptions

RP 6: Small and Medium Enterprises

RP 7: Lived Experience of Energy Vulnerability

Taking a multidisciplinary approach, characteristic of CCP’s research, the project explores the interaction between retail energy markets and their distributional impacts on groups which may be particularly vulnerable and previously under researched, including households in social housing and SMEs. The outputs of the research will be available on this page to stimulate academic and policy debate.

At the end of the project a monograph will bring together the results of the different Research Packages into a cohesive whole.

If you would like further information about the project, please contact Nicolette Neile at Work in the project was also presented at the CCP 13th Annual Conference, Just Markets: Distributional Effects of Competition Policy and Economic Regulation, 15-16 June 2017, UEA. Click here to see the presentations and the full programme. 


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