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Recent CCP work relevant to UKERC 'Equity and Justice in Energy Markets'


Recent CCP papers directly relevant to the project

Deller, D. (2016) "Energy Affordability in the EU: the Risks of Metric Driven Policies", CCP Working Paper 16-9

Deller, D. and Waddams C. (2015) "Affordability of utilities’ services: extent, practice, policy” a report for the Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE), 21 October.

Waddams Price, C., Brazier, K. and Wang, W. (2012) "Objective and Subjective Measures of Fuel Poverty" (with Karl Brazier and Wenjia Wang), Energy Policy, 49, 33-39


On Energy Markets

Hviid, M. and Waddams Price, C.(2012) "Non-discrimination clauses in the retail energy Sector", The Economic Journal, 122, F236-252. 

Davies, S, Waddams Price, C. and Wilson, Chris M. (2014) "Nonlinear Pricing and Tariff Differentiation: Evidence from the British Electricity Market", The Energy Journal, Vol 35 (1), pp. 57-77. 

Waddams Price, C. and Hviid, M. (2014) "Well-functioning markets in retail energy", European Competition Journal, Vol 10 (1), pp. 167-179. 

Waddams Price, C. and Zhu, M. (2016) "Non-discrimination clauses: their effect on British retail energy prices", The Energy Journal, Vol 37 (2). 

Waddams, C (2014) 'Positive discrimination - Initiatives to protect consumers who don't switch energy suppliers distort the competitive process.' ESRC Britain in 2014


On Consumer Switching

Wilson, Chris M. and Waddams Price, C. (2010) Do Consumers Switch to the Best Supplier? (with Chris M. Wilson),  Oxford Economic Papers, 62: 647-668, 2010

Waddams Price, C and Zhu, M (2016) Empirical Evidence of Consumer Response in Regulated Markets Journal of Competition Law and Economics, Vol 12 (1), pp 113-149

Sitzia, S., Zheng, J. & Zizzo, D.J (2015) Inattentive consumers in markets for services Theory and Decision 79: 307. 


On other sectors

Cadman, R, Harker, M, Kreutzmann-Gallasch, A & Waddams, C, (2014) 'Criteria to define essential telecoms services - Literature review', a report for Ofcom

Waddams, C, Harker, M & Kreutzmann, A, (2013) ‘Public Service Obligations and Competition', a report for the Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE)



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