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RP1: Statutory and Institutional Context 

Equity and justice may be supported or delivered through institutions and statutory objectives, but these can be in tension with other aims, including the promotion of effective competition.

This Research Package, led by Professor Michael Harker (UEA Law School), explores core research questions, including: How have the statutory objectives of the regulator and its relationship with other institutions, including the government, changed over time? What are the principal motivations for such changes, and how do these relate to concerns about fairness and justice? Have different interests been given a particular weight in energy policy, and why?

The data for this Research Package consists of legislation, consultation papers, media reports (including the trade press), and parliamentary reports. We are also conducting around 10 to 15 semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders, exploiting the extensive practitioner links which the CCP enjoys. We are highlighting specific events relevant to energy policy, including those in politics and media coverage, and are mapping their impact on statute, regulation and institutions to build a series of case studies.

The aim is to provide a historical narrative of the statutory and institutional context of energy regulation and how equity and justice concerns have driven regulatory outcomes over time, especially where perceptions of fairness and justice motivate political intervention.

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