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RP4: Long Run Energy Expenditure Shares 

This Research Package, led by David Deller (CCP), explores the evolution of energy expenditure shares for households over the past 25 years. The resulting time series of expenditure shares is being used to contextualise and understand policy developments in the retail energy market over the same time period.

Core research questions include: How have the distributions of expenditure shares varied through time? How extensive are the differences between household groups? What are the long-term variations in the picture of fuel poverty when using actual energy expenditures and alternative fuel poverty metrics? Can expenditure shares and affordability pressures appear be associated with particular policy changes?

This research package builds on CCP’s extensive work for the Centre on Regulation in Europe’s (CERRE) Utility Affordability Project and forms an important input for RP 1 and RP 2.

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Report into UK Energy Expenditure Shares - A Long Term View, 4 June 2017



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