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RP5: Subjective vs Objective Indicators of Affordability Concerns 

This Research Package, led by Dr David Deller (CCP), explores potential discrepancies between subjective perceptions of energy affordability and objective indicators, such as the expenditure share devoted to energy.

Core research questions include: How far do households’ perceptions of heat affordability relate to their energy expenditure? Is there consistency in the relationship between individual households’ energy expenditure and perceptions of energy affordability through time? Do different household types have different relationships between the objective indicators and subjective perceptions? What factors influence changes in perceptions of heat affordability between years?

We are utilising the nationally representative British Household Panel Survey (BHPS)/Understanding Society datasets as they contain both subjective indicators and income and expenditure data for individual households. We are generating extensive descriptive statistics and are performing econometric analysis exploiting the panel structure of the BHPS and its extensive demographic, socio-economic and political attitude questions to understand the factors influencing perceptions of heat affordability. 


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