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RP6: Small and Medium Enterprises

This Research Package, led by Professor Amelia Fletcher (Norwich Business School), explores barriers to Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) participation in the energy market by assessing how variations in market engagement by SMEs, and their satisfaction with the energy market, varies by company type, in particular whether sector or company size is more important.

The study utilises data from Ofgem surveys to identify factors that are most strongly associated with a firm having a positive view of the energy market. A central question of both academic and policy interest is the extent to which firms’ views of the energy market are associated with the extent of their engagement with the market.

The main econometric analysis identifies the factors associated with firms’ degree of agreement with two statements on the energy market: (i) ‘There is enough competition in the energy market’, and (ii) ‘Energy companies care about small businesses’. Variables which may be associated with these attitudes could include: annual energy spend, past switching behaviour, views regarding the ease of searching for/switching energy deals, knowledge of current energy price and business characteristics (e.g. turnover, number of employees, sector, geographic location). 


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