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Anticompetitive Strategies

Research in this area was previously reported under Market Power and its Regulation, Agreements and Tacit Collusion, and Mergers.

Research Groups


Research on cartels focuses on the various interactions between mechanisms for detection, design of sanctions and the behaviour of cartel members. 


Lead:  Prof Andreas Stephan, Professor of Competition Law

Carsten Crede, PhD Student

Richard Havell, PhD Student

Liang Lu, PhD Student

Dr Franco Mariuzzo, Lecturer in Econometrics

Natalya Mosunova, PhD Student

Dr Peter Ormosi, Lecturer in Competition Policy

Scott Summers, PhD Student

Potentially Anti-Competitive Agreements

Agreements covered in this research include Resale Price Management, most favoured nation clauses, exclusive dealing and rebates. 


Lead: Prof Amelia Fletcher, Professor of Competition Policy

Dr Farasat Bokhari, Senior Lecturer in Economics

Shaun Bradshaw, PhD Student

Mary Guy, PhD Student

Prof Morten Hviid, CCP Director and Professor of Law

Antje Kruetzmann-Gallasch, PhD Student

Sang-Hyun Kim, Lecturer in Industrial Organisation

Mergers and Market Investigations

Research is focused on objectives of interventions, the theories of harm and the proper design and evaluation of remedies. 


Lead: Prof Bruce Lyons, Professor of Economics

Richard HavellPhD Student

Dr Franco MariuzzoLecturer in Econometrics

Dr Peter OrmosiLecturer in Competition Policy

David Reader, Research Associate

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