24 Nov 2023

The UK – Researcher Practitioner Network for the Economics of Digitization: AGENDA

2nd Workshop on Digital Economics:

Date: Friday 24 November 2023

Location: Cambridge, Christ’s College

Format: in Person

Local Organizers: Diane Coyle; Rebecca Leam

Confirmed Participants:

Amelia Fletcher (UEA), Christos Genakos (Cambridge), Greg Taylor (Oxford), Jens Prüfer (UEA & Tilburg), Wynne Lam (UEA), Nick O’Donovan (Keele), Jonas Hannane (DIW Berlin), Michael Kummer (UEA), Andrea Mantovani (Toulouse Business School), Agustina Martinez (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Leicester), Ashraful Mahfuze (FCA), Jeffrey Matsu (CIPFA), Jiajia Zhan (Imperial), Maria del Rio-Chanona (UCL), Prashant Garg (Imperial), Richard Kneller (Nottingham), Stephan Seiler (Imperial), Peter Ormosi (Compass Lexecon & UEA), Lucy Hampton (Cambridge), Florentine Schwark (HU Berlin), Julia Schmidt (OECD), Vatsala Shreeti (Bank for International Settlements), Daniel Ershov (UCL), Benjamin Evans (UEA), Rebecca Heath (Cambridge), Tommaso Valletti (Imperial), Karen Croxson (CMA), Denny Jicheva (DSIT), Maximilian Kasy (Oxford), Jonathan Porter (Ofcom), Helen Weeds (PSR), Sawan Rathi (Sussex), Rossella Argenziano (Essex), Duarte Gonçalves (UCL), Marit Hinnosaar (Nottingham) and Jacques Crémer (TSE).

Background and Objective:

This initiative connects research about the Economics of Digitization to policy and managerial practice. The aim is to create a network that gets UK-based researchers and practitioners to talk to each other, by meeting once a year to do two things: 1.) Present recent research and work in progress about the economics of digitization and 2.) Receive feedback and input from practitioners where they would need more useful answers from the research community.

A group with similar goals in the United States meets twice a year, at the National Bureau of Economic Research. In the UK, there are many researchers interested in Digitization, but a network has been sorely missing. We conceived this group in Spring 2022 and plan to make this an annual event.

Format and Dates:

This year’s workshop is hosted by the Bennett Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge, UK; and is sponsored by the Bennett Institute for Public Policy, the Centre for Competition Policy, and the University of East Anglia. The conference will be in-person to provide a unique opportunity for cross-fertilization of ideas between scholars and practitioners in competition policy. It will see the presentation of papers by both academics and economists working in government, as discussants.

Topics of Interest:

Internet and telecommunications | Digital markets and platforms | Artificial intelligence | Cloud computing | Big data | Value of data | Social media | ICT and innovation | ICT, productivity and growth | ICT and the labour market | Digital divide | Intellectual property rights | Standards | Competition policy and regulation of ICT | Economics of privacy | Macroeconomics of Digitalization

General enquiries can be made to CCP@uea.ac.uk

Hoping to see you in Cambridge soon!

Diane Coyle, Bennett Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge

Sean Ennis, Norwich Business s.comSchool and Director of the Centre Competition Policy, UEA

Michael Kummer, School of Economics, UEA