Our projects and engagement

CCP has contributed to the debate around the regulated sectors in our research projects. 
We have responded to many consultations from the Financial Conduct Authority, Monitor, Ofcom, Ofgem, and Ofwat.

Our projects

The majority of CCP’s research maps onto very significant policy and legislative developments as they occur, and applies an integrated [interdisciplinary] approach to studying competition policy. CCP has been in the vanguard of integrating the debate, having from its inception combined economics, law and political science.

A number of CCP members including Steve Davies, Amelia Fletcher, Morten Hviid, Bruce Lyons, Andreas Stephan and Catherine Waddams have been or are directly involved with the policy community.

Our faculty members have advised the OECD and the World Bank as well as Competition and Regulatory Authorities in numerous countries and Andreas Stephan contributes to the ‘Advocacy’ working group of the International Competition Network (ICN).