15 Jun 2017

15-16 June 2017, The Enterprise Center, UEA

On the 15-16 June, we hosted our 13th Annual Conference on Just Markets: Distributional Effects of Competition Policy and Economic Regulation back on the UEA campus at the new Enterprise Centre which, when it opened in July 2015, was hailed as Britain’s greenest building.

With over 110 delegates, the conference went beyond the traditional emphasis on improving market efficiency for consumers and explored issues around distributional effects in competition and regulation policy, both generally and in specific markets, with lively and informative presentations and debate.

The programme brought together a variety of perspectives and included contributions from leading academics, policymakers, consultancies and regulators, as well as the first showcase of some of the research from CCP’s large UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) funded project , led by conference organiser, Catherine Waddams.

A full review of the conference can be found on our Storify .

PRESENTATIONS (Download available via presentation titles)

Session 1 : Setting the Scene & Macro Interactions

Sean Ennis, OECD: "Market Power and the Distribution of Wealth"

Jon Stern, Centre for Competition and Regulatory Policy (CCRP), City University, London: “Affordability and Infrastructure Industry Regulation: Lessons from Economic History

Session 2: Explicitly Including Distribution in Competition Policy

Andrew Leigh MP, Australian Labour Party, Introduction to Distribution and Competition:

Tembinkosi Bonakele, Competition Commissioner of South Africa, “The Distributional Implications of Regulation and Competition Policy”

Severin Borenstein, Haas Business School, University of California, “The (Increasingly Difficult) Equity Implications of Getting Residential Electricity Prices `Right’”

Session 3 : Equity and Justice in Energy Markets

Catherine Waddams, Norwich Business School & Centre for Competition Policy, UEA, “Overview of CCP Project funded by UK Energy Research Council (UKERC)”

David Deller, Centre for Competition Policy, UEA, “UK Energy Expenditure Shares in the Long Run”Discussant: Urs Haegler, Compass Lexecon

Michael Harker & David Reader, Centre for Competition Policy, UEA, “Beyond Economic Regulation: Delivering equity and justice in energy markets”

Elizabeth Errington & Noel Longhurst, Centre for Competition Policy, UEA, 

Session 4 : Distributional Issues in Specific Markets

Morten Hviid, UEA Law School & Centre for Competition Policy, UEA, “Collective Purchasing as a Means for Social Ends”

Eugenio Miravete, University of Texas at Austin; School of Economics & Centre for Competition Policy, UEA, “One Markup to Rule Them All: Distributional Effects of Liquor Pricing Regulation”

Session 5 : Macro Perspectives

Michael Trebilcock, University of Toronto, "The Fracturing of the Post-war Free Trade Consensus: Challenges of reconstructing a new consensus" (no slides available)

Mattia Guidi, LUISS Guido Carli University, “Social-democratic Parties’ Stance Towards Antitrust Policy: The Role of Trade Unions and Party Competition”

Session 6 : Political and Economic Interactions

Shaun Hargreaves-Heap, King’s College London, “Robber Barons, stupid: why more market competition would promote equality now” Discussant: Oliver Latham, Charles River Associates (no slides available)

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