24 Jun 2021

24/25 June 2021 | Online

CCP’s annual conference is a flagship event for fostering exchanges between professionals, policymakers and academic researchers. This year’s topic focuses on the intersection of consumer policy and competition.

Consumer protection is in the policy spotlight like never before, with new digital regulation and proposals to revise consumer law. It is timely to take stock of what we have learned about the effectiveness of past consumer interventions, consider new challenges, and implications for policy developments. The conference will bring together academics from various disciplines, policymakers and practitioners to address these topical and difficult questions.

The discussions should prove of interest for academics, policymakers and practitioners. At CCP we adopt a position of academic neutrality, and as such seek to present a balanced and informed position on the issues discussed.

Topics to be addressed will include:

  • How are dark patterns and choice architecture being taken into account or ignored by consumer policy?
  • Complementarities and tensions between privacy and competition
  • Data portability and its consumer impacts

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