08 Jul 2020

CCP’s annual conference is a flagship event for fostering exchanges between professionals, policymakers and academic researchers. 2020's topic focused on vertical relations and platforms and was held online. It was comprised of three two-hour sessions, one per day on 8/9/10 July.

Vertical relationships and platforms have always been a complex area within competition policy. Some aspects of agreements can be anti-competitive but new vertical structures can also have strong positive benefits, and authorities therefore need to strike a careful balance. The rapid growth of the digital economy, and especially the development of large online platforms, raises major new challenges for this assessment. The topics covered will relate to platforms, ecosystems and various types of agreements involving platforms and other businesses. The discussions should prove of interest for academics, policymakers and practitioners.

Our Annual Conference will provide a valuable insight into this panoply of issues, and related ones, from a variety of academic and policy-making perspectives. It will do so at a crucial time, given the impending review of the EU vertical agreements block exemption regulation and guidelines and the forthcoming CMA report on digital advertising. At CCP we adopt a position of academic neutrality, and as such seek to present a balanced and informed position on the issues discussed.

The conference should be of interest to academics, policymakers and practitioners with an interest in cutting edge economic and legal thinking on digital platforms from a competition and consumer policy perspective.

All sessions were recorded and are available on youtube,