25 Jun 2024



The Centre for Competition Policy is a world-leading multi-disciplinary research centre on competition, regulation and consumer policy. Based at the University of East Anglia, it includes members and fellows from Europe and around the world. In addition to research and professional development courses, the CCP organises an annual conference on the frontiers of competition law and policy with a particular focus on applied research of potential interest to policymakers and practitioners.

Scope and objectives

This year’s conference will continue the CCP tradition of conferences focused on timely policy questions. A balanced perspective will be sought, in line with the CCP position of academic neutrality. The conference is aimed to be of interest to policymakers, practitioners and academics.

Main Topics

Across many business activities -- from digital to energy, from rail to water, from foreign investment rules on security to rules on subsidies and CO2 -- increasing policy focus is placed on regulatory outcomes, both in legislation and government action. This regulatory focus does not necessarily mean the role of competition law is directly diminished, nor that traditional regulation of market power is weakened, though it may involve realignment in response to perceived weaknesses of the market system, particularly in the consideration of externalities.

Where are the UK, EU and US governments heading in terms of ex ante/ex post regulation, role of competition law and consideration of other objectives that arise from presumed or proven market power?

Will there be a new environment for the private sector oversight that varies by geography?

  • How will government, practitioners and the private sector adjust and adapt to this slow surge of increasingly regulatory and prescriptive oversight?
  • What external factors are driving these tendencies?
  • What risks and benefits do they pose?
  • What unintended consequences may arise?

These are just some of the questions that will be asked as we reach a pivotal time for regulation in many jurisdictions and sectors.

Sessions Include

  • Regulatory Focus on Equity
  • Regulatory Innovation: Tools and Challenges
  • The Interface between regulation and competition
  • Digital Regulation in a Broad Competition Context
  • Regulatory Governance: Where Next?

Featured Speakers

Invited speakers and chairs include:

Farasat Bokhari, Loughborough University

Or Brook, Leeds

Andrew Burlinson, Sheffield University

Martin Cave Visiting Professor LSE and former Chair, Ofgem

Diane Coyle, Cambridge University

John Davies, CAT

Sean Ennis UEA

Amelia Fletcher, UEA

Monica Giulietti, University of Nottingham

Inge Graef, University of Tilburg

Michael Harker, Queen Mary University of London

Atle Haugen, Norwegian Business School

Kai-Uwe Kuhn, UEA

David Maguire, UEA Vice Chancellor and President

Franco Mariuzzo, UEA

Raphael Markellos, UEA

Peter Ormosi, Compass Lexecon

Jens Prufer UEA and University of Tilburg

Pierre Regibeau

Tanja Salem, BT

Tim Salmon, Southern Methodist University

Howard Shelanski, Georgetown University

Andreas Stephan, UEA

Greg Taylor, Oxford University

Juliet Young, Ofwat

Catherine Waddams, UEA


For conference organisation matters, please contact ccp@uea.ac.uk.

For any further information, including for sponsorship opportunities, please send an email to ccp@uea.ac.uk.

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