19 Jun 2023



CCP’s annual conference is a flagship event for fostering exchanges between professionals, policymakers and academic researchers. This year’s conference focuses on emerging frontier topics across a spectrum of traditional and newly regulated activities, including:

  • Resilience in Key Services
  • Personal Data for Ordering
  • Competition and Innovation
  • Developments in Pharmaceuticals
  • Evolution of Competition & Monopoly Law
  • The Evolving Role of Economics in Competition Law

At this conference you can be informed by a diverse set of voices, including:

Luisa Affuso (Ofcom) Farasat Bokhari (CCP) Sally Broughton Micova (CCP) Andrew Burlinson (CCP) Andrea Calef (CCP) Sarah Cardell (CMA) Chirantan Chatterjee (University of Sussex) John Davies Elias Deutscher (CCP) Sean Ennis (CCP) Bryn Enstone (CCP) Benjamin Evans (CCP) Amelia Fletcher (CCP) Georg von Graevenitz (QMUL) James Harvey (Economic Insight) Peter Lukacs (FCA) Andreas Maaløe Jespersen (Danish Comp Authority) Gavin Knott (Ofgem) Alena Kozakova (E.CA Economics) Kai-Uwe Kühn (CCP) Franco Mariuzzo (CCP) Peter Ormosi (Compass Lexecon) Sebastian Peyer (CCP) Jens Prüfer (CCP) Jo Seldeslachts (DIW Berlin) Johannes Shuldt-Jensen (Danish Comp Authority) Mike Walker (CMA)

The continuing relevance of research to public policy can inform and change real outcomes that affect thousands of businesses and millions of people. The policy concerns that affect companies are evolving in all sectors, and the need for new applied research remains.

*We invite you to join us in Norwich (or our London satellite location) for two days of invigorating discussion and opportunities to meet with thought leaders from policy, corporate and academic world. If you cannot attend in person, the conference can also be followed over the internet.

The conference should be of interest to academics, policymakers and practitioners with an interest in cutting edge economic and legal thinking on competition and regulatory policy perspectives. At CCP we adopt a position of academic neutrality, and as such seek to present a balanced and informed position on the issues discussed.