30 Nov 2023

Prof Andreas Stephan, Head of UEA Law School, Professor of Competition Law and member of the Centre for Competition Policy, has been appointed as a Panel Member to the Office for the Internal Market at the Competition and Markets Authority, for a period of five years.

The Office for the Internal Market (OIM) is part of the Competition and Markets Authority and supports the effective operation of trade and competition within the UK market.

Prof Stephan said:

“I am delighted and honoured to be appointed as a panel member of the CMA’s Office for the Internal Market, and look forward to working with the OIM team to help deliver expert independent advice on the impact of regulatory divergence across the four UK nations.”

As a panel member, Prof Stephan will help provide independent advice to the UK government and devolved administrations (Northern Ireland Executive, Scottish Government and Welsh Government) on how specific laws, rules and regulations impact the UK Internal Market.

This may include any distortion to competition and trade, or impacts on prices, the quality of goods and services, or choice for consumers. Prof Stephan will also help draft reports on how well the internal market is working.

This regime operates around the principles of mutual recognition and non-discrimination, which help to ensure that goods and services can be sold throughout the UK, and that certain qualifications held by individual professionals are recognised across its four constituent nations. As part of his role, Prof Stephan will engage with businesses, consumers, professionals and other stakeholders about their experiences of operating across the UK.

The Department for Business and Trade press release can be read on the GOV.UK website.