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      Worldwide Adoption of Regulatory Sandboxes: Drivers, Constraints and Policies

      Code: 24-02

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      Effective remedies in digital market abuse of dominance cases

      Code: 24-01

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      A Cause for Concern: Household Energy Price Resilience and Wellbeing

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      Digital platform mergers and innovation: Evidence from the cloud computing market

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      Social Media and Democracy: Experimental Results

      Code: 23-04

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      Homogeneous and differentiated taxation in differentiated product markets

      Code: 23-03

    • Anush Ganesh (2023)

      Predatory Pricing in platform markets: A modified test for firms within the scope of Article 3 of the DMA

      Code: 23-02

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      The Natural Monopoly Paradox: Incumbent Inefficiency and Entry

      Code: 23-01

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      How important are user-generated data for search result quality? Experimental evidence

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      Competition Law and Supply Chain Resilience – Towards a Research Agenda

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      Seller versus Producer concentration: incorporating the impact of foreign trade

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      Banning volume discounts to curb excessive consumption: A cautionary tale

      Code: 22-04

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