• Kai-Uwe Kühn and Domilė Butkevičiūtė (2023)

      Rebutting Gatekeeper Presumptions: How to Disprove Lock-in from Ecosystem and Network Effects

      Code: 23-02

    • Sean Ennis and Ben Evans (2023)

      Cloud Portability and Interoperability under the EU Data Act: Dynamism versus Equivalence

      Code: 23-01

    • Kai-Uwe Kuhn (2021)

      Screening for Potential Killer Acquisitions across Industries

      Code: 21-03

    • Vincenc Esteve Guasch and Kai-Uwe Kuhn (2021)

      The Competitive Constraints from Private Label Offers on Branded Grocery Pricing

      Code: 21-02

    • Ennis S and Kuhn KU (2021)

      Minimum Advertised Prices: How they Differ from RPM

      Code: 21-01

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